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Video: A day at Liseberg - Sweden

Posted: 8/30/16 at 6:18:13 AM
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Hi all.

A big roller coaster enthusiast and I decided recently that I should film all of my adventures. I recently uploaded a video of my day at Liseberg, an amusement park in Sweden, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Insanely Fun Swedish Amusement Park

Re: Video: A day at Liseberg - Sweden by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/30/16 7:50:41 AM
I live in the US and travel across North America to different amusement parks. I think I've been to 85 different parks. I've always wanted to do an European Coaster tour, but it's just too expensive. Liseberg has been very high on most wanted list. Thanks for sharing the video. Now I want to visit even more.
Re: Video: A day at Liseberg - Sweden by 8Baller at 8/30/16 10:29:34 AM
Thank you for watching and you should definitely visit Liseberg some day :)