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What Do You Think About Mount Olympus?

Posted: 8/28/16 at 11:20:44 AM
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We are visiting the Dells next year, and I would like to know whether Mt OLympus is any good. What are your thoughts on the coasters? Gokarts? Rides? Waterslides? Food? Pricing? How long would one need to stay there to do everything in the outdoor theme park?

Re: What Do You Think About Mount Olympus? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/28/16 4:59:06 PM
I've been to Mount Olympus once in 2011. All the coasters had very short wait times until the afternoon. They only run one train on all coasters. I still managed to get 10 rides on Hades, 3 on Cyclops, and 1 ride on Zeus, Pegasus, and Opa. The line of all the go cart tracks was much longer than the coasters. I actually didn't even ride any of the go carts. The park itself is nicely themed and much nicer than I was expecting. The indoor amusement park is very small and not themed at all. It was actually disappointing compared to the rest of the park. I didn't do the water park, but it looked really nice. On a side note there's Timber Falls a couple miles away that has a S&S wooden coaster that is a little rough, but loaded with air time. Hope this helps.