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Kings Island TR

Posted: 8/20/16 at 9:38:06 PM
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On the way to the boat on Wednesday I ended up stopping at Kings Island. I have to drive past the park in order to get to my home port. With rain in the forecast, I didn't have any intentions of stopping until I checked the radar at a rest stop near the park.

I walked into the park at 2:30 and I could tell the park was dead. Everything was a walk on, no wait at all. The first coaster I went to was Banshee, which is my favorite B&M invert. Banshee is still running great. There is a little shake in the first inversion, the dive loop and into the first vertical loop, but probably not noticeable to most people. For the most part it's still smooth and forceful. I rode it 7 times, most of which were in the front seat.

After Banshee I headed to Diamondback, which is my favorite coaster at Kings Island. Diamondback continues to get better with age. The 3rd air time hill right before the hammerhead turn even has extreme air time. They were using the trim brakes on the hill after the turn, but it's still air time filled and one of the better B&M hypercoasters. The brown train still has that shake, but the green and red trains are running great. I rode it 9 times, most of which were in the back seat or close to the back

After Diamondback I headed to The Beast and rode it twice in the front seat. I always ride the Beast twice. My first ride I'm always memorized by the sense of speed and the incredible double helix finally. After my second ride I get bored with it because of all the trim brakes throughout the entire ride. I'm not a huge fan of The Beast, but I make sure I ride it couple times every visit.

Next I headed for Racer. They were only running the red side. I ride Racer more than any other coaster at Kings Island. This year this John Allen Woodie is running a little bumpy. I rode the back seat once and the second from back in the non wheel seat. It's still a great wooden coaster, buy not running well enough for me to marathon on this visit.

I did ride Back Lot Stunt Coaster once, Delirium, the Huss frisbee, once, took a ride on their flying scooters, rode the train to check out Mystic Timbers construction, finally rode their beautiful PTC carousel for the first time, and went up into the Eiffel Tower for some photos.

I stayed to 8:00 closing and headed to the hotel. I'm now on the boat and will have to wait at least 3 weeks until my next coaster rides. I'm really glad I did stop. They wouldn't allow rerides, and I had to walk around, but it's always fun when you visit a park that is so uncrowded. Thinking about getting a gold season pass for next year and trying to log as many rides possible on Mystic Timbers, which I'm very excited about. All in all it was one last day of fun before 3 weeks of work, and that alone makes these next 3 weeks a little less painful.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Kings Island TR by drachen drachen Profile at 8/22/16 12:00:15 PM
Always a pleasure to read about your park visits Ken. I know you work hard for your family, but I'm glad you get to play too. It's nice that you get to stop at Kings Island on the way to work.

I've only been to Kings Island once, and I loved everything about it. But that was back in 2012. I hope to return next season for Mystic Timbers and to take my first rides on Banshee, which looks amazing.

I agree with everything you said about Diamondback - it's a perfect steel coaster. I may have liked the Beast a bit more than you do, but I agree that those trims really take away from the first half of that ride.

I should have my oldest daughter with me, as she will have to have crossed the 54" line by that point.

I've had a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass for the past 4 seasons. But this year, it's been a total waste. I haven't used it once! (Yet).

Right now, I plan to renew for 2017, but I almost don't want to, considering the lackluster 2017 announcements thus far. Kings Dominion's announcement was a real kick in the pants... I was hoping for a major addition down there.

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Re: Kings Island TR by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/22/16 6:37:35 PM
Thanks. Banshee is my favorite B&M invert. Typically the line is the shortest in the afternoon. I've been on these boats for 20 years, so I've been going to Kings Island since 1999. Back then The Beast was awesome. You got a little pop of air time on the second drop, you got laterals on every twist and turn. It used to be a fantastic wooden coaster and in my top 10. Now there are just too many trim brakes and it is slowed down way too much. That is the one good thing about my job is that I get visit Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, or Camden Park, without it costing me much money, other than admission and some extra gas. Hope you get to make it down to Kings Island next year and I also recommend a visit to Kentucky Kingdom while in the area, which is a little over 2 hours away. I'm actually starting to enjoy Kentucky Kingdom more than Kings Island, but that's probably due to how many times I've been to Kings Island.