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Adventure Park USA TR

Posted: 8/14/16 at 4:37:13 PM
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About a week and a half ago we visited Adventure Park USA in Maryland for the first time ever. My daughter was 3 credits short of her #350th different coaster milestone. A member on here told me they had 3 coasters at Adventure Park USA, so it was a no brainier to make a day trip down to the park.

We left the house pretty early. It only took about 3 hours to get down there, even with food and restroom stops. When we arrived we bought all day wristbands for $28 a piece. I found $5 off coupons at one the rest stops.

Our first ride was their smallest Coaster, Tumbleweed. Nothing special about this Kiddie steel coaster, just rode it for the credit.

Next we went to their newest Coaster, Wild West Express. From my understanding this Coaster used to at Old Town in Florida. I never been to Old Town, so this was the first time I rode it. It was unique in a sense and had a steep curving drop mid way through the coarse. It was a little rough, and very tight fit as far as leg room. I rode the front seat once and the the middle once. The kids also rode front seat. After 2 rides, we were done with it.

After that we walked over to Wildcat, a Swartkopt Wildcat. I used love the at Cedar Point. The one at Adventure Park USA was at 4 other locations including Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Rye Playland, Jersey Shore, and Williams Grove. Never rode it at any of those locations, so it was also another new credit. My daughter made it her #350 milestone coaster. While this is not as WILD as the one at Cedar Point, it was smoother. This one has more modern trains on it. The one that used to be at Cedar Point had original trains on it. I later found out that the park does have an original train that they are currently restoring. All in all it was a very fun ride. We rode it 6 times and I actually wanted to ride it more. The kids were starting to get bored with it. Adventure Park USA is worth a visit because of this classic steel coaster.

Our wristbands included almost everything. We rode the go carts, which were actually pretty fast. I got lucky and picked the cart. I started last, passed everyone and even lapped half of drivers. I had the back end of the cart sliding out in the turns. My daughter said I was a dangerous driver and my son said I was drifting.

We signed up for laser tag and went back when it was our time. My kids were on a different team and put me to shame. It was really fun and the first time the kids ever got to play laser tag.

They have a few flat rides. The have an Eli Bridge Scrambler, but it's ran pretty slow. They also have a Tilt A Wirl which was that good either. They also have 36 holes of miniature golf that we played.

We stayed about 5 hours and we had a blast. The place was nicer than I thought and just pure fun. I see myself stopping at this place again on the way to or from Six Flags America. For less $60 for admission, a tank of gas, and couple meals at McDonald's it was a cheap way to spend a fulfilled day. I found out after we returned home that ACE was having an event there just 2 days later. If I had known, we would have during the ACE event. I need to check my events calendar more often. It would have been great to see everyone and for my daughter to her milestone at the event. Nonetheless we still had fun and that's what's always important.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Adventure Park USA TR by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 8/30/16 12:24:00 AM
It's a nice little FEC in the middle of no where. I use to pass it all the time until I made my first visit last year with the addition of WWE.

Glad you enjoyed your day.