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Fancy Fair TV 2016 Special: the Shadow Cabinet

Posted: 8/3/16 at 3:01:31 PM
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On Saturday afternoon, July 30, 2016 we visited a unique attraction on the Nostalgic Fair in Tilburg.
We had that day an appointment with Noes who told us all about the Shadow Cabinet, an attraction which they used to work with very old-fashioned photo flop lamps.

Your shadow is projected on white walls shaded hold for a while. That is the secret of the smith.

You can do anything you want Noes says and you can make it as fun, weird and exciting as you want. So you can figuratively pick your nose without it being really dirty.

A hare or rabbit, you can make it there with a little experimenting. You can make all the silly creations. And you can be inside as long as you want.

This super antique attraction is also for sale for the silly amount of € 8500, -

The owner can not do with it what they would like and therefore they seek someone who can.

Twice a year the attraction gets to see the light, for the rest of the year, The Shadow Cabinet stays in the shade, or in storage. Noes tells us that they have too few people and are too busy for it.

The attraction dates back to the period 1836 to 1847. Is made of wood and metal and piles and might never return in Tilburg, thats why Fancy Fair TV visited the Shadow Cabinet for a special report.

We wish you a lot of shadowfun in this dark tent.

Click on the link to see the video, the spoken language is dutch but we have subtitled it in english

Fancy Fair TV 2016 Special: the Shadow Cabinet YouTube video