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Lipstick On a Pig

Posted: 8/2/16 at 6:42:21 PM
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We have been seeing this over the years with parks trying to save unpopular coaster, with a last ditch effort. Coasters like SOB (even though I liked it) and the soon to be no more Mean Streak comes to mind.

If not drastically altering the coaster ie Iron Rattler, The New Texas Giant etc, in many cases it's like prolonging the inevitable, the merciful demise of a woeful coaster.

To quickly cut to the chase, what do yall think about this 'Blue Ninja' errrr Blue Hawk 'revitalization' in SFOG? Ive ridden FKA Ninja, and it was atrocious. I can't imagine that coaster getting any significantly better, even with resurfacing, VR, new trains, paint job, and name.

If I ride Blue Hawk in the future and I am pleasantly surprised, I'll be first to report.
Can you think of any other 'Lipstick on a pig' situations that ended ultimately with a coasters demise?

Re: Lipstick On a Pig by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/6/16 7:33:29 PM
Nothing local for me, however Chiller would be a good example, if I had to take a guess.

I305 could have been that way had they not figured out how to reprofile that drop and turn.