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Six flags season pass

Posted: 7/31/16 at 3:26:02 PM
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As you all probably know the pass is much cheaper if you buy 4+, but there are only 3 of us. It still works out cheaper to buy 4 at the cheaper price. Does everyone that was part of the four have to be present to register the pass at the first visit? Or will we be ok if 3 of us show up?

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Re: Six flags season pass by Kenderson at 8/1/16 11:01:18 AM
I bought mine online and when I did the other person I bought it for was not there the first time I went. They ended up going a couple of weeks later and getting it. Not sure what would happen if the 4th person wasn't there if you bought it at the park.

When I got my passes last year they had changed the prices to be only slightly higher for buying 3 instead of 4. Never did understand why they want to charge more for having 3 or less. I guess I can see charging a bit more for just buying one, but there has to be plenty of families that are like me, divorced parent with two kids.

Try buying them online and see if you can get the same price.

Re: Six flags season pass *NM* by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 8/2/16 6:21:38 PM
Good to know.
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Re: Six flags season pass by glutton glutton Profile at 8/19/16 1:13:59 AM
I've purchased the 4 or more discounted season passes for SFDK for the past several years with some of my extended family. We did not have to all be together the day we processed them, but I think we did need to have names and ages for all of the people when we purchased them.