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(Video) VANISH diving roller coaster in Yokohama, Japan

Posted: 4/15/16 at 10:27:43 PM
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Hello all you wonderful people!
I'm out in Japan now, I've been here for about a year and recently I went out to Yokohama and found a coaster that I have always wanted to check out. The VANISH roller coaster. You may have seen the picture online of this ride of it diving head first into the water. Making it looked like it vanished,ooooo did you see what they did there?
I think you guys would get a kick out this so I'm going to leave a link to my video I made about it.
Tell me what you think?
Has anyone ridden this ride before? I'd love to hear from anyone that has!

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Riding the VANISH roller coaster in Yokohama Japan!

Re: (Video) VANISH diving roller coaster in Yokohama, Japan by cellocoasterdude cellocoasterdude Profile at 12/13/17 8:30:47 AM

Thanks for posting on this. I have been living in Japan for ten years, and rode this coaster for only the second time a couple of months ago. Like many of the Japanese designed coasters, the design is pretty good, but the restraints are nearly unbearable.

I love the airtime, and the intense helix, but the OTSRs are completely unnecessary. The dive into the water is interesting, but nothing special.

However, I am happy that my daughter was big enough to ride with me this time. We enjoyed the spinning coaster a bit more at this park (Yokohama Cosmoworld).

If you happen to go in October, like we did, you could catch the Yokohama Oktoberfest down the street. That was awesome! Great food and drinks, and a fun band.

This park is also walking distance from Yokohama Chinatown, the biggest Chinatown in the world. A lot going on around the area!