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Tips for Worlds of Fun in May

Posted: 3/4/16 at 1:59:52 PM
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My new job has me traveling again to conferences across the country. Although an opportunity to go to California's Great Adventure has fallen through, it looks like I may be able to squeeze in Worlds of Fun and put my King's Dominion platinum pass to good use for once.

Originally Friday the 27th was my only option, however it looks like they are open on Monday the 23rd with some pretty good hours (10 - 8) that will potentiality work with my arrival schedule.

I like to get the full experience of a park so I plan to soak in everything from flats to coasters and the local scenery. Any game plan on what to hit first? Things I shouldn't definitely miss?

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Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by NotSo NotSo Profile at 3/7/16 6:15:32 PM
I wish I could give you some tips, but that is not one of the parks I know best. This board has dried up like a prune in the desert. Good luck on your trip.
Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by antikythera antikythera Profile at 3/7/16 9:41:44 PM
NotSo said:

I wish I could give you some tips, but that is not one of the parks I know best. This board has dried up like a prune in the desert. Good luck on your trip.

I had noticed that too. I think it's just the times. Another forum that I've been a part of since the early 2000's is in a similar position. As the owner put it, message boards are a dying thing, when places like Facebook, Reddit and more fill that void. Unfortunate.

Either way, I'll let you know how it goes. I've been warned they may have one train operation. I'm hoping a Monday afternoon will alleviate any need to spring for a fast pass.

Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 3/8/16 6:13:45 PM
Skip TimberWolf if you value your bones and teeth.

Prowler is a very good coaster that becomes, at night, the stuff of dreams.


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Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by drachen drachen Profile at 3/9/16 2:19:15 PM
My only visit to Worlds of Fun was in 2003 - I actually had a Worlds of Fun season pass that year. It was back when any Cedar Fair pass was good at any Cedar Fair park - before the platinum pass was a thing.

Worlds of Fun was the least expensive, and since I was passing through, it was an easy call. I got into Cedar Point twice with that pass.

A lot has changed at the park since then, including the addition of three roller coasters.

All I can comment on is that Mamba was very good. Timberwolf was ok. Boomerang was my only other coaster that day, as Orient Express was closed, very regrettably, as I'm a big fan of old Arrows.

I've only heard good things about Patriot, and great things about Prowler.

Don't miss out on the "Finnish Fling" - and old school Rotor ride.

Enjoy the trip! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it

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Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by lk2500 at 3/9/16 2:22:13 PM
Do you frequent other coaster sites? I know some peeps on another board that will gladly answer your questions; I don't know if I'm allowed to mention other sites here though.

Anyway, I haven't been in May, just in July/August but it should be fairly quiet if the schools are not out yet.

Prowler in the front row is a blast. If it's a warm, sunny day the coasters clear out in the afternoon as everybody heads over to the water slides. Prowler can be a virtual re-ride unless you want a front row seat - and then it's only a train or two wait in the afternoon.

Mamba is fun but the ride ops amaze me at their ability to slow the lines down to a crawl using one train at a time where at the same time Prowler has virtually no line.

Timberwolf has been re-tracked - but I'm not sure if it's complete. I'm waiting for some reports back (on the other forum) but it sounds like it's really smoothed it out. My brother rode it last year (when it was only half re-tracked) and said it messed up his back so I've stayed away.

Patriot is fun but for some reason it always hurts my neck.

Spinning Dragons is a lot of fun.

I stay away from Boomerang; I value my body too much.

We always buy the fast lane pass - saves us tons of time in the mornings when lines are long.

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Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by frontrow frontrow Profile at 3/12/16 3:37:09 AM
I've been to Worlds Of Fun twice; in 2001 and in 2012. The park was dead during both my visits. Prowler is a top 10 wooden coaster for me, and my favorite GCI. Patriot is similar to Talon, but not as good. It lacks the low to ground helix. Mamba is almost identical to Steel Force, with a more forceful turnaround, but a little less air time. The park itself is a little odd, but in a good way. You should be able to get multiple rides on every coaster at the park. Hope this helps.
Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by antikythera antikythera Profile at 5/22/16 3:08:14 PM
It looks like I'll be there from opening at 10am until about 4ish tomorrow. I have to get my airport rental car back to a different location, i.e. one near my hotel that closes at 5.30. I opted to do this and lose a few hours at the park as it'll save me on money having to catch a subsequent Uber from the airport's car return to my conference's hotel.

Plus, I do feel guilty, to a degree, as they were nice enough to let me take off and miss out on mid-day set up. Least I can do is be there to help for nighttime registration.

I'm hoping the park is empty and rides stay open. They are calling for scattered thunderstorms all day (and most the week). I'm hoping I can at least get the coasters and the unique flats even if it turns out to be a dud day. Will report back later on this week with impressions.

Re: Tips for Worlds of Fun in May by JacobTheCoasterhead JacobTheCoasterhead Profile at 9/25/16 10:53:34 AM
I have visited WOF four times with another visit coming up next July. Here are some tips for your visit.
- Hit Patriot first, especially if they are only running one train. The lines can get VERY long for this smooth, fun B&M invert.
- Head to Mamba next, as the lines can also get long for this one. Mamba is fun and the first drop is very good, and has a convincing head chopper.
- Do Timberwolf whenever, because the lines are never more than ten minutes, most of the time.
- Prowler is almost always a walk on, which is weird, because it is one of the best wooden coasters of all time and is EXTREMELY fast.
-Spinning Dragons is a good filler coaster that you should make a point to do, even if the lones can get long and the ride is short.
- Don't go out of your way to do Cosmic Coaster in Snoopyland, it's just a rethemed Wacky Worm. But if you need a credit, 'okay.
Three other non coasters that you should do are Cyclone Sam's, a fun enclosed flat ride with theming, Viking Voyager, nice traditional log flume, and Finnish Fling, rare flat ride that is still awesome every time you ride it.
One more thing- BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND EAT IN THE PARKING LOT! The food is abnormally expensive here, even for an amusegment park. $25 for cheeseburger, fries and drink, $32 for medium pizza, etc. 😳😳😳
Have fun!