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CP & SFO crowd guesstimates?

Al W.

4/5/00 at
10:51:38 PM

Going to the ACE summer convention in June and planning to go to SFO & CP the week following (6/26 - 30, approximately). I've never been to those parks that late in June. I know with MF and all the new SFO coasters it's hard to predict, but how crowded are those parks (usually) on a weekday (I know better than to try a weekend!) that time of year. Just trying to get an idea so I can make plans. Thanks in advance for any help! Al W

A SFO Guess by KDOG at 4/6/00 12:32:25 AM

> As a former ride op at Geauga Lake (I mean Six Flags Ohio), I know that the best days to go are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Don't even think about going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you want to ride all the new rides. I hope you have fun and personally I can't wait to ride all the new rides myself.