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Very exciting news about SFDL!


4/5/00 at
7:37:57 PM

SFDL will be holding their Sports & Music fest this year but in 2000 this fest will be bigger than ever! Bands that will be playing the fest are Coal Chamber, Powerman 5000, Staind, and Taproot. The concert portion will be held in the Amplithatre and will be free(my fav 4 letter f word) The sports section of the fest will be held in the Amplithatre parking lot and will feature 2 street courses a moto cross stunt area and 2 half pipes. I can't wait for this festival! No date is set for the Festival as of yet but lasy year's was held in mid-June!

Unofficial Guide to SFDL

Re: Very exciting news about SFDL! by Magnum Allan at 4/5/00 8:55:21 PM

YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Coal Chamber and PM5K are soo good. I saw Coal Chamber with Slipknot in March and PM5K with Static-X in October and they were both awesome. I wish i could be there for this one :)....yes, Magnum Allan is somewhat of a "Goth," but will not wear make up ....this is really not about coasters!! I will scan a pic of myself for your enjoyment in about a month. Allan.

no way! by Berkey at 4/6/00 5:55:03 PM

All of that in one Amplithatre. How can that Amplithatre hold so much. I wish our Amplithatre was that cool