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Magic Mountain in one day?

Posted: 1/10/15 at 6:31:32 AM
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Quick question for those who would know:

My girlfriend and I are visiting southern CA next week as part of a slightly larger trip. Long story short, I didn't plan things out quite carefully enough headed in and didn't think about the very realistic scenario of sprinkling a side trip to San Diego (Belmont Park, Seaworld) into one of the days and ended up with a relatively compacted schedule.

I'd originally time-budgeted SFMM for two days because neither of us have been there before and the park is quite large. That stated, from those who know, how busy is the park on weekends this time of the year? Would it be realistic to consider doing the park in one day, perhaps with the aid of a Flashpass? (Incidentally: are any of the rides restricted to a certain tier of Flashpass?)

The main considerations at MM that I can see are the need to get on everything that's open once, and to be able to get a couple of rides on major stuff like Terminator and X. The park is only open for 8 hours on the weekend days it's open, but we'll be able to be there for the rope drop.

Any advice would be welcome!

Michael W.
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Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by atlantic_coaster at 1/10/15 2:15:01 PM
I'm pretty sure that X2 doesn't allow any flash passes. I'd definitely get to X2 as soon as you get in the park if it isn't down. It usually has unbearably long lines later in the day.
Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by JasonInSoCal at 1/10/15 11:48:39 PM
I just went to SFMM on Wednesday.

Rode all the major rides in the park in 2 hours.

Will probably be absolutely empty when you go.

Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by rossrich66 rossrich66 Profile at 1/11/15 12:55:33 PM
JasoninSoCal is pretty spot should have no problem. If you so choose, the FlashPass will definitely ensure you get on everything. X2 is not part of the FlashPass but you can purchase it as a one-time add on along with Full Throttle.

Have fun!

Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 1/11/15 3:02:06 PM
Typically the park is very slow in January.

I think it is possible, even without FlashPass, to ride all of the roller coasters in one day. There are a lot of roller coasters to ride.

I wouldn't purchase FlashPass in advance. I think you'd be better off to wait on that and see if it is really needed.

The biggest challenge is the quantity of roller coasters to ride. Even with little or no line it takes time to make your way around the park and get on each ride.

I would try to be at the gate 15 minutes before the park opens and choose one of two approaches:

1. X2, Tatsu, Superman, Riddler


2. Full Throttle, Goliath, Green Lantern, Riddler, Superman

Others may disagree but the most popular major coasters are X2, Full Throttle, Tatsu, Goliath, and Riddler's Revenge. Superman is an issue because they usually only run one track.

Roller coasters like Revolution, Viper, Ninja, Goldrusher, and Scream will likely be walk-ons.

Ultimate Rollercoaster Moderator
Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by JasonInSoCal at 1/12/15 12:14:08 PM
I agree with Eric. I spent 2 hours in the park but literally did not wait in a line. I walked on to the ride or up to the gate waiting for a train to return to the station on every ride. Most of my day was spent walking from ride to ride.
Re: Magic Mountain in one day? by CortexBomb CortexBomb Profile at 1/12/15 2:56:54 PM
Ah, excellent, thank you for the fine advice all. If I'd planned this stupid trip out slightly better I wouldn't be trying something as ambitious as SFMM in one day, but if we do it we can get a side trip to Belmont Park and Seaworld in, so I'm motivated ;-)

It's good to hear that a Flashpass might not even be necessary, but I could see the value in buying one just to get a few rides on X2 and Full Throttle without having to worry about the lines. But yeah, I always wait to see what the park is like before I buy them, as they sometimes end up being totally unnecessary in the slower portion of the season.

Well, thanks again for the advice, a trip report is sure to follow once we get back!


Michael W.
399: 92 (28 CCI/GG) / 307