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Most Wanted List

Posted: 11/2/14 at 12:57:41 PM
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Every year I make a list of coasters that I haven't ridden and the new additions for the next season. I prioritize my list in terms of what coasters appeal to me the most. It helps me plan my coaster trips for the next year. I only list coasters in North America, because an overseas trip is out of the question. So here is my top 10 most wanted wooden and steel coasters.

Wooden Coasters
1) Gold Striker California's: Great America
2) Boardwalk Bullet: Kemah Boardwalk
3) Tremors: Silverwood
4) Coaster: PNE Playland Canada
5) Apocalypse: SF Magic Mountain
6) Rampage: Alabama's Adventure
7) White Lightning: Fun Spot
8) Timber Terror: Silverwood
9) Giant Dipper: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
10) Cyclone: Lakeside Colorado

Steel Coasters
1) Fury 325: Carowinds
2) Medusa: SF Mexico City
3) Wicked Cyclone: SF New England
4) Iron Rattler: SF Fiesta Texas
5) New Texas Giant: SF Over Texas
6) Goliath: SF Magic Mountain
7) Twisted Colossus: SF Magic Mountain
8) Thunderbird: Holiday World
9) X2: SF Magic Mountain
10) Lightning Run: Kentucky Kingdom

I have narrowed my big coaster trip of 2015 to a tour of California or Texas. If I choose Texas, we will drive and visit parks on the way to Texas and on the way home. It would be a 13 day, 14 park trip. California would be a 8 day, 8 park trip. Being we would fly to California, both trips would be about the same cost. I've been to Texas in 2001, but my kids haven't been there. My kids have been to most of the parks in Southern California with my mother-in-law, but I've never been to California. I have already started saving for our 2015 trip, by working overtime, this Fall. I'm just curious to see some other Most Wanted Lists.

Re: Most Wanted List by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 11/2/14 9:05:43 PM
Nice list Ken. I still need to make it to California also but I am waiting for a record breaking coaster to be built there so I can justify planning an expensive trip out there. I know there are sooooo many credits to get in California.

I have decided that I am going to plan my trips centered around the newest coasters that I want to hit the most. My first trip this year will take me to Holiday World for HWN. I have not been there for a few years and since they are adding Thunderbird,it will be a great year to make a return visit. Now that I am an ACE member,I will get to have some ERT on it also since I am going to HWN. My girlfriend has not been to Holiday World yet and I can't wait to take her to my favorite park!!

My second trip will center around Fury 325. I can't wait to see if B&M can impress me with this new giga coaster. I will also hit a few side trips as usual. Wicked Cyclone at SFNE will be another must get to coaster for next year since I am so close to this park. It's going to be a long 6 months waiting for coaster season to come back around.

Re: Most Wanted List by antikythera antikythera Profile at 11/3/14 10:44:15 AM
If you go the California route, make sure you spend a good chunk of time at Belmont Park and Sea World SD.

Giant Dipper at BP surprised me at how well it ran. It's also a great coaster to look at. I regret not getting a wristband so I could come back at night and get some rides on it then -- I hear it's amazing at night, as seaside coasters should be. If you're an ACE member, you can get a cheap-o wristband off BP's website ahead of time, otherwise, you'll end up paying $6 a ride -- worth every penny in my opinion. They also have a unique flat ride (Octotron) that opened up as I was leaving. It looked like a lot of fun.

Manta at Sea World SD was by far one of my favorite launched coasters and I have a new found love for Mack. I had low expectations going in, however, it surprised me at how well it's built and designed -- a great family ride, up there with Stunt Job. It's super smooth and highly re-rideable. I went in mid September on a weekday afternoon and it was pretty much empty in the park. I just stayed on it and got about 12 rides in less than an hour. It's also a great looking coaster on a sunny day (see photo link).

If I ever get overseas, I want to ride Mack's collection of coasters as I put them in the same league as Premier. If the two ever built a coaster together, I'd be in heaven.

Most Wanted List for 2015:

I would love to finish out the PA parks. Living so close (2 - 5 hours), there's very little reason I haven't been to Knoebels, Kennywood, Idlewild, or Lakemont Park. I just now got to Waldameer this past season and loved it.

I'm also planning on going to Carowinds for the first time, as my fiancee really wants to go to Charleston, SC. I made a deal that we'd go if we could hit Raleigh (another place she wants to visit) and Carowinds on the way. She's up for it, if we can get the money.

So, my top 8 list:


Leap the Dips
Flying Turns
Jack Rabbit
Thunder Road


Phantoms Revenge
Fury 325
Night Hawk
Carolina Cyclone

I would also love to make it back out to the Chicago area to actually experience and enjoy Great America since I was rushed last time, however it's not in the cards next year, most likely. Holiday World is also high on my list.

I may do Cedar Point next year, though, to finish out the rides that were closed during my visit in 2013.

Lots of places, not enough time or money for an engaged person who has to think about a wedding and not leaving his fiancee behind in the pursuit of amusement parks.

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Re: Most Wanted List by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 11/3/14 2:01:52 PM
Hades 360
Hellcat (Timber Falls)
Grand National (Blackpool)
Wild Mouse (Blackpool)
Boulder Dash
Shivering Timbers
Ravine Flyer II
Goliath (SFGAm)

Bizarro (SFNE)
Wild Eagle
FireChaser Express
Steeplechase (Blackpool)
Mindbender (Galaxyland)
Dragon Mountain (Marineland)
New Texas Giant