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Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!"

Posted: 10/27/14 at 7:02:20 PM
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Okay, I thought long and hard about how to present this. One incident hardly warranted a TR, so I figured maybe I could beat the bushes and see if I could get a thread going instead. (By the way, WTF stands for "What the FREAK?!?!" This is a family-oriented message board, right? :)

I went to KD Friday night. Things started off pretty light crowd-wise until dark. The midways were somewhat packed. Ride lines went from walk-ons to full stations. The Haunt queues were near capacity (not spilling out into midways yet, but it was getting close.)

I went to ride the woodies after getting a couple rides on Avalanche, 4 rides on Anaconda and an I-305 and Drop Zone ride. Both woodies were only running 1 train, so the stations were full (Hurler and Scooby Doo are closed for Haunt) and the line was not going anywhere fast. After riding everything else in Candy Apple Grove, around 9:45, I finally decided to bite the bullet and wait in the full station for a Grizzly ride. Took about 25 mins to get to the front of the back queue line. The ride op was working the mic HARD since he needed something to do while the train was out on its 2:30 trip with nothing else to do in the meantime. Singing, Birthday celebrations, "Happy and you know it, clap your hands" you name it, he probably tried it.

I've got one more group to go before my turn and they stop loading the train for a LONGGGG time with no announcement. Maybe it just seemed long to me because it didn't seem like anyone else was agitated. Finally, he makes an announcement, "Grizzly is closing due to weather." Everyone in the station is murmuring because there isn't a cloud in the sky. Most people did not move initially. I guess they were too stunned to process what he just said out of nowhere. Personally, I thought he was joking because there was NOTHING going on with the weather. I guess someone in front decided to stop murmuring and blatantly call him out, so the guy decided to elaborate at that point. "Well, it is kind of a man-made situation. The fog from the Haunt is so thick that we can't see the lift, so we have to shut the ride down."


You know that moment when someone says something on a microphone that the crowd doesn't agree with then starts backpedaling to try to justify that with some angry guy yelling at him without a microphone? Yeah, that is what happened Friday night. I think I heard someone reply with "turn off the F------ fog, then!!" Oh, it was bad. I didn't stick around at that point because it looked the ops were content to just sit there without taking any action. (actually the girl who's job it was to monitor the lift made a quick bee line to close off the entrance queue once the crowd got restless. Don't know if she wanted to avoid the vitriol that was being spewed out, or if she was just trying to get things shut down as quickly as possible.

No word on whether Grizzly reopened as I went to back to the other side of the park after a 20 minute wait for Rebel Yell.

Anyone else have an interesting WTF?!?!? moment to tell?


Re: Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!" by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 10/28/14 9:47:58 PM
^^^Yeah, that's crazy, a coaster being shut down because of Halloween man made fog. Coasters often being down/ running one train etc is why I avoid non peak season months at seasonal parks.

My crazy WTF moment this year was the shock on how SLOW many of Magic Springs' coaster ops were; X Coaster, Diamond Mine Run(kiddie) were normal.

Gauntlet(SLC, only one train), Big Bad John, and Arkansas Twister, both with unnecessary lengthy procedures (platforms had to be completely clear to load passengers, something that I never saw before) were brutally slow. I still enjoyed myself there and all, but the slow loads were very annoying, esp for a person on a park run like I was.

Re: Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!" by NotSo NotSo Profile at 10/28/14 11:17:14 PM
Oh I hate that. I had a similar experience at Holiday World a few years ago on Legend, with 8 minute loads on every dispatch. Kinda makes you freak out a little bit. Great coaster, horrible operations.
Re: Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!" by alpengeistno3 at 10/29/14 12:19:19 AM
^^^Reminds me of Gwazi's old loading procedure of loading and checking the seatbelts before releasing the lapbars to be rechecked. I don't remember if they were running 2 trains when I went, but thankfully, the line was short (and still took me 20 mins, WTF!!) when I was there Thanksgiving Day. I could not endure a long wait observing such redundant and unnecessary operations.


Re: Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!" by frontrow frontrow Profile at 10/29/14 3:40:17 PM
While at Martin's Fantasy Island in 2013, we got 3 rides on Silver Comet, in a hour, with only a one train wait. Every time the train stopped on the brake run, mantaince wound grease the wheels of the train. The operations are very poor to start with. In the first hour, Silver Comet only made 5 circuits. One of the most odd and frustrating things that I've seen at an amusement park.
Re: Things that make you say... "WTF?!?!?!" by alpengeistno3 at 11/1/14 4:53:51 PM
^^^Wow, that is sketchy, Ken. One of those situations that make you question whether it is safe to ride at all!!