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Trip Advice for Dec.

Posted: 10/24/14 at 2:06:28 PM
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Hey everyone!

Need suggestion/recommendation on out of the 3 parks.. Six Flags Georgia, Texas, and Fiesta. which 2 parks would you pick to go for an overall experience? You would think both parks in TX would be the choice.. but does it get cold in mid Dec. where they may shutdown the rides? Plus, Georgia is in the mix due to cheaper flights and has Goliath, which is highly rated for a hypercoaster. I've only ridden 1 RMC being Goliath lol. But due to terrible ride Op experience and etc at Great America. The overall park experience was ruined during that day. Is New Texas Giant or Iron Rattler worth the trip minus Goliath at Georgia?

Re: Trip Advice for Dec. by leroyk at 10/24/14 5:51:57 PM
I did the Fiesta Tx + SeaWorld combo last Feb. At night it was chilly. A good wind breaker was needed. Wind chill factor came into play. The local folks told me the Dallas is not too far of a drive. So you could do a 2 day weekend and add SFoT too. The only down side was the cold forced a delayed opening on one coaster. And Superman (Fiesta) was down due to off season maintenance. Enjoy. Worth the trip.
Re: Trip Advice for Dec. by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 10/27/14 9:13:37 AM
I have ridden Iron Rattler and have to say it's one hell of a coaster!! I don't think the rest of the park is really up to par though. Poltergeist is very fun and unique. Reminds me of batman & Robin at SFGAadv.

I haven't been to SFOT but NTG and Titan seems like an amazing two punch combo well worth admission.

SFOG and SFFT are both fun parks, but if I were you I'd want to visit SFOT somehow due to it having two big guns in Titan and NTG. I don't think you'd be disappointed regardless of how you choose to take your trip.

- mugen828
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