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Rudy's Rapid Transit Stopped

houstondavid houstondavid Profile

8/21/14 at
6:32:11 AM


I took my daughter and her friend to Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH yesterday. Had a great day there.

Took a couple of rides on Rudy's Rapid Transit in the morning. Very glad we did because when we went back in the afternoon to take a few more rides, the train was stopped out on the last turn before heading back into the station. Must have happened much earlier as the train was unloaded and they were working diligently on it. Looked like the wheels of the second car had come off the track. It remained closed for the rest of the day.

In my two trips to Santa's Village, I have been very impressed with the park and the staff that work there, so I am confident they handled the situation well. I do hope that no young riders will be deterred from hopping back in the queue.

Rudy's is a nice little coaster. The really long train (compared to the size of the ride) results in an unusual ride experience at either end. Rudy's seems to run a little faster than Cat Woman's Whip at SFNE, and at Santa's Village they run it for two cycles each time (unless a rider is indicating they want to get off, which I haven't seen).