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Wheeling & Dealing

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

8/17/14 at
4:59:14 PM

Which woodies give a smoother ride when sitting in a non-wheeled seat? It seems like some PFT trains (mostly) have this quirky issue with wheeled seating giving a rougher experience than non-wheeled seating.

I heard that Cyclone at Coney have this issue. Others mentioned by Ktujon are Wild One(SFA) and Rebel Yell.

Any others out there?

Re: Wheeling & Dealing by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/17/14 7:15:32 PM
I've been to Lake Compounce twice. Each time, I rode Wildcat once each time. Each time I sat very near the front in a non wheel seat. This year we sat in row 2. Both times that coaster has been very smooth and enjoyable. I have read reviews from reliable people that Wildcat is very rough. Apparently that is a coaster that a non wheel seat will make a difference. Out of curiosity I think I may try somewhere near the back or back seat on a wheel seat, next time we visit.