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Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Knoebels Day, August 2014

drachen drachen Profile

8/15/14 at
12:19:36 PM

Earlier this week I had asked if I should go to Knoebels on a rainy day. Everyone I talked to said yes, and I'm glad I took their advice. Here are some not-so quick thoughts on my day.

- We arrived at Knoebels around 2pm, as the radar showed the weather clearing by around that point. It rained for another hour or so, but then began to dry up. We even saw some sun briefly before the rain began again around 5:30 or so.

- The park was dead. Very few people there. As we exchanged our vouchers for ticket books, I asked about the weather and the woman said "Oh, we never close." Good to know.

- Before we rode any rides, we stopped off at the Fascination Parlor. Like many others, I find this game terribly addicting. They started up a two-ball, full board game, and I won it. I've never won a Fascination game before.

- It was still raining, but we decided to ride things anyway. In this order, we rode Phoenix, Atmosfear, Twister, Haunted Mansion, Bumper Cars, Sky Ride, Italian Trapeze, Grand Carousel, Black Diamond, Phoenix again, Downdraft, and Giant Wheel.

- We also took some time to walk through the mining and Knoebels museums. Very cool stuff, and the museum puts Black Diamond in a new perspective. I'd suggest to anyone that the next time they go, check out the museum before you ride Black Diamond.

- Flying Turns was unable to open due to the weather. The only downside to Knoebels in the rain would be the lack of Flying Turns in the ride lineup.

- Phoenix really scoots along on a wet track. Had two wonderful rides on it.

- Twister is running really well this year. We rode the front, as there was no wait. I prefer the back.

- Every time I ride Haunted Mansion, I exit the ride more and more impressed than the last time I rode it. My daughter tells me she opened her eyes more this time than last, but I'm not sure I believe her. Her head was buried in my side the whole time...

- Same with Black Diamond, eyes closed the whole time... I really think it's the best overall attraction at Knoebels, all things considered. I don't understand how anyone can call it lame or boring. It's fantastic.

- My new sister-in-law really got a kick out of the Grand Carousel. She had never grabbed rings before. My oldest rode an outside horse, but couldn't quite reach the rings. I switched places with her and collected them for her. That's one special ride.

- I was very proud of my 48" daughter as she insisted on riding Atmosfear - a ride that always freaks me out. She loved it. I love it too. Those ARM models are much better than the taller Intamin models. We sat on the Flying turns side too. I love looking down on it.

- Is there a better sky ride than Knoebels'? That view coming down the mountain is just amazing, day or night.

- Downdraft. Holy crap! I had never ridden it before Tuesday. That thing is amazing. I wasn't prepared for the speed, and once those cars started jumping, I couldn't help but laugh. My kid loved it too.

- I should be good for at least two more Knoebels visits before the year is up. It's just one of those parks you can't get enough of. And it's nice to know that you can go in any weather.

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Re: Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Knoebels Day, August 2014 by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/15/14 2:54:08 PM
Thanks for the TR Drach. Thanks for the Knoebels Skyride pic. I was blown away by that Skyride, the views are amazing on the way back down.

I also love Haunted House, it's my favorite Ghost Train so far. Have you ever noticed that the signage says 'Haunted House' but the park map says 'Haunted Mansion' like as in Disney's ride, very weird. I'm going with 'Haunted House' because of the signage. :)

Re: Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Knoebels Day, August 2014 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/15/14 9:17:04 PM
That is great that your daughter has reached that 48 inch mark and that she is starting to ride the big rides. These next 6-8 years will be some of the best years, with life lasting memories for you both. You will now have more fun at amusement parks than you ever have, by sharing these experiences with your daughter. My advice is cherish every moment and get her to as many parks as possible. It may not seem like it now, but you have limited time. It feels like last year, that my kids were just starting to ride, but it was actually 5 years ago. My son is 14 and my daughter is now 12. It won't be long before they want go off on their own, and even off to college. That's why I've been traveling to so many parks these past 5 years, and accepting all the overtime I can get in the winter months. Can't wait to read more of your amusement park trips with your daughter. One more thing I suggest, take as many as photos and videos as you can. You'll cherish those photos later in life.
Re: Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Knoebels Day, August 2014 by drachen drachen Profile at 8/16/14 11:22:34 AM
Thanks Ken! I'm having a blast already, and we're just getting started. My second daughter is about to break 42", so she'll be joining in on the local parks soon.

Photos galore, of course. I take a picture of her in the train of every coaster we ride, let alone photos I ask people to take of us as we go.

I know it goes fast. She was a baby not that long ago!

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