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SeaWorld 2015 plans???


8/14/14 at
9:35:25 AM

Hello, I'm new to UlimateRollercoaster.

I would like to provide some interesting news from SWP&E's 2nd quarter results. While it did hurt the stock, SeaWorld has an announcement in the coming days. (No exact date)

Also, they have teamed up with Village Roadshow to build theme parks in Pan-Asia, Russia, and India. (Note: Separate from the Middle East deal) So, international expansion is being planned as I write.

Share your thoughts!

Re: SeaWorld 2015 plans??? by drachen drachen Profile at 8/16/14 11:28:27 AM
Despite the down quarter, Sea World parks are still pretty strong.

I LOVE the fact that they plan to build a new, grand orca habitat in San Diego - kinda' rubbing it in the faces of the politicians and activists that want to shut them down.

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Re: SeaWorld 2015 plans??? by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/18/14 2:00:45 AM
This 'Blue World Project' is awesome news for all three Sea World parks.

Lets get a lil' blunt, and talk about the elephant in the room. IMO that infamous anti-Sea World documentary 'Blackfish' ultimately will have a positive effect on Sea World parks. Blackfish put a lil' fire under that butts of Sea World to make the orca habitats more natural and habitable.

Before then, it was mainly about gate attendance brought in by thrilling coasters like the Mantas' as well as other attractions like the Aquatica waterparks. I don't see how anyone could say that Blackfish didn't have any effects, as it seems very clear.

Sea Worlds' great conservation work with marine animals is obvious, but bottomline this is a business in the theme park industry. With the Blue World Project, Sea World found a great way to enhance the orca habitats, along with raising the attendance with the spectacular underwater viewings of the killer whales.

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