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Knoebel's 8/9/14

Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile

8/10/14 at
10:24:40 PM

My best friend and I usually go to KD every September for a private event and I'm unable to go this year.

Instead, we went up to Knoebel's for his first time ever and my first "in season" day at Knoebel's. My best friend had never been to Hershey either so we drove through Hershey on our way up from Maryland. It took us 40 minutes to get from the off ramp onto Route 39 to the Red Robin. Giant's Center's lot was full as well.

We got to Knoebel's around 245pm and the place was packed. It was yesterday that I realized that I have low tolerance for those of your who push strollers and dont watch where you are going. :)

We rode Flying Turns first. I'm really conflicted with Flying Turns.

Is it an achievement that FT has finally opened? Of course.

Is it worth an hour and forty-five minute wait? Absolutely not.

I'd wait to ride it with my mother (she doesn't ride a lot of coasters) but most of my friends would be really disappointed by the overall experience.

I think it's a great family niche coaster and will be many kids first wooden coaster. It's very tame and short.

These aren't criticisms, just after what, 6-8 years of waiting, this ride was WAY over-hyped.

I took credit #178 on FT.

I wound up buying a photo and the Facebook Download. The girl at the phone place said they were having trouble with the Android operating system and it didn't work for me iPhone. Be warned.

After FT we walked around a bit before riding the Round Up. They ran the cycle for what seemed like forever.

Hit the Haunted House, got lunch, rode Twister, Phoenix, and Black Diamond (credit# 179). I wasn't sure what to expect out of Black Diamond, but for Knoebel's I liked it. It's a great fit.

I didn't realize it had lift hills and was Wild Mouse-ish in layout with the tight turns.

We did Twister in the back and Phoenix in row 3. Row 3 on Phoenix never disappoints. Phoenix is the only wooden coaster I'll ride towards the front.

Twister was great for a wooden coaster that had had almost sixteen seasons to mature. Some of the GCII's built in the late 90's haven't aged very well and the in house build is well maintained. You can tell by the ride experience. It is superb.

We departed the park at 6:30 having only been on the four coasters and two flats. There were just too many people.

Lines for everything but Flying Turns was 30 minutes or less.

We took the back roads to Kauffman's BBQ in Bethel, PA for dinner at my favorite restaurant in PA. A half of a rotisserie chicken, a potato, a salad bar, and a drink for around $10. Totally worth the extra miles on the Interstate.

All in all had a great day.

It was more about the journey than the park itself.


Re: Knoebel's 8/9/14 by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/10/14 11:02:30 PM
^^^I totally agree with you about Flying Turns, it was just kinda 'eh' for me; Like you said, I don't wanna criticize it too harshly, but after waiting all that time for it to be built, the word 'anticipointment' naturally comes to mind.

I'm glad that you liked Black Diamond, because I can't say that it did much for me. I actually like FT over BD, LOL. I absolutely loved the Haunted House, Phoenix, and Twister. BTW, have you ever noticed on Knoebels maps, that they call the Haunted House, 'The Haunted Mansion', that's very weird. Thanks for the TR.

Re: Knoebel's 8/9/14 by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 8/11/14 10:42:12 AM
That's it. Everyone keeps posting about going to this park and I sit here and keep saying "next year, next year.

Time to actually get out and go to this park!

- mugen828
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Re: Knoebel's 8/9/14 by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 8/20/14 2:08:52 AM
mugen828 said:

That's it. Everyone keeps posting about going to this park and I sit here and keep saying "next year, next year.

Time to actually get out and go to this park!

We spent 3.5 hours in the park. Normally during PPP, I spend the whole day there. On this trip we hit what we wanted to do at a minimum. I would've loved to have rode the Sky Ride, the train, Downdraft, the Whip, and crow bared myself into Kozmo Kurves (credit wh*ring)but there were just too many people. It wasn't very enjoyable compared to any PPP.

It's a lot more enjoyable, IMO, in the fall.