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Darien Lake on Labor Day?

antikythera antikythera Profile

8/7/14 at
4:56:28 PM

We are heading up to Buffalo for a wedding of a friend and the fiance and I have decided to spend a couple days touring the area. Being that Darien Lake is nearby, we are going to make a visit, however, due to us only being there Friday through Monday, with the wedding on Sunday, we are forced to either go to Darien Lake on Saturday or on Monday (Labor Day).

We could do it Friday night, however I want to hit Conneaut that night as its days are numbered and we wouldn't be able to hit it until our way back on Tuesday and I don't believe it's open then. Leaving Monday to hit Conneaut isn't an option as we don't want to drive on Labor Day and hit that traffic, let alone cut our trip short.

That being said, my question is how packed is it normally at Darien Lake on a holiday such as Labor Day? Would Saturday be a better alternative? Does Darien Lake do any type of fast pass?

Furthermore, what's a good gameplan for the park. My homepark is SFA, so I'm very excited to try Ride of Steel and, to an extent, Mind Eraser to see how they compare to ours. Does the former's lines get packed or is it like SFA where the wait is minimal throughout most of the day?

Thank you in advance for any information that might help us out.

Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/7/14 11:22:22 PM
Corey, we visited the Darien Lake last Memorial Day weekend. We got there before opening. They opened Ride of Steel a half hour before they were scheduled to. We got a front seat ride and a back seat ride, before any of the rides were open. In the morning and early afternoon the crowds were pretty light. By 4:00 we had all 6 coasters ridden, with multiple rides on Ride of Steel and Predator. We also rode just about every flat ride. As we were leaving at 4:00 a huge crowd was coming in, because they had a concert that night.Traffis was backed up for miles, trying to get in. We then headed for Conneaut and spent 2 hours there. I would suggest riding Moto Coaster early. It's very popular and has a low capacity. As long as you get there before opening, you should be fine.
Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/8/14 12:36:11 AM
Thanks Ken. It's going to be up to the finance when she wants to head over as she's the one driving and agreeing to go with me. We'll have probably partied hardy the night before at the wedding so who knows how I'll feel waking up.

I definitely want to get a ride on MotoCoaster, so I'll probably do that before anything else, although thank you for the info about the early opening of RoS. Hopefully, they'll do it that day as well. It'll be weird as all my rides on Superman are usually in the morning before the GP gets to that side of the park. I feel like my experience is going to mirror SFA a lot at this park.

How are the food options? Like most, I try to avoid eating in the park, but I know the fiance will want some food as will I at some point.

Also, which flats are worth checking out?

Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/8/14 1:51:14 AM
Darien Lake has your standard flat rides, nothing really unique. Of coarse I'm going to suggest Hornets Nest, which is their flying scooters. That have a top spin called Twister. The have a swinging pirate ship, thats over the water, and an upside down swinging pirate ship called Ranger. Sleigh Ride is their Himalaya ride. They have an enterprise ride called Silver Bullet, a paratrooper ride called Haymaker, and swings called Lasso. They also have a drop tower called Blast Off, which was the new ride last year.

We ate inside the park at place on the lake near their drop tower and Ferris Wheel. I remember it being reasonable for an amusement park.

The Moto Coaster entrance is way in the back of the park. It's across the lake from the Ferris Wheel. If Ride of Steel is running 2 trains then you should be able to get multiple rides on it. When we were there they were only run one train on all the coasters. The 2nd train for ROS was out for overhaul.

Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/8/14 2:01:34 AM
Just a few more thoughts. Martin's Fantasy Island is on Grand Island in the Buffalo area. Wasn't really impressed with it, buy they do have a wooden coaster called Silver Comet, and a very unique flat called Mind Warp, which is an excellent flat ride. Seabreeze is about a hour east of Darien Lake in Rochester NY, and is an excellent small park. Just something to keep in mind if you get an extra evening free. Both are pretty cheap to visit. While you are in Buffalo there are grocery stores that sell discount Darien Lake tickets. I can't remember the chain of grocery stores, I'll have to look it up. It was like a $12 savings per ticket. You buy your actual tickets at the customer service department in the grocery store.

Tops Market is the chain of grocery stores.

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Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/8/14 10:43:48 AM
We have a similar process for Six Flag America tickets down here. They sell them at Giant Food (a large chain in the Mid-Atlantic), so I'm going to have to check Tops out. $35 seems very reasonable for tickets.

I would LOVE to go to Seabreeze but it may have to wait for another trip. Unfortunately, my fiance doesn't share the same love for amusement parks as I do and it's a godsend she is willing to give up a day for me to check out Darien Lake.

We plan on hitting up Niagara Falls while there, as it's what she wants to do (being an equal opportunist). We will most likely tour Buffalo city on Saturday, checking out the grubs and sights.

I'm going to check out Martin's Fantasy Island as I've never heard of it. I'll see if it can fit into our schedule.

Did you by any chance happen to see if the waterpark was any good at DL? It seems small with only a few rides, however my fiance loves all things water so she wouldn't mind lounging by the lazy river while I hit a few on the other rides.

Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/8/14 11:00:58 AM
Never have been to the waterpark. Darien Lake used to be a Six Flags, so their waterpark may be pretty decent. I looked up Tops Market. You get $10 per ticket at Darien Lake. Corey feel free to check out my Facebook page. I have an album of Martin's Fantasy Island. It's a small park. Other than Silver Comet and Min Warp they have a spinning coaster very similar to Ragin Cajun and a kids coaster. They also have a spinning disc o ride, a small star flyer called Flight, a tilt a Wirl, a Ferris Wheel, and some other flat rides. You could literally do everything in about 2-3 hours.
Re: Darien Lake on Labor Day? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/10/14 2:51:25 PM
Just took a look at your photo album of the park. Looks to be just as I imagine it. The wooden coaster and the spinning mouse have me interested as does the unique flat. According to Google, to get from downtown Buffalo to Niagara, you pass right through it, so there is a possibility for us to make a visit, however, it looks a bit pricey if you don't go after 5pm since it's not pay per attraction. They apparently have a $10 after 5pm in the off season, but that doesn't start until the day after labor day. Maybe I'll hit it Tuesday morning, if we have time.