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Message for Coaster Nut/MO Enthusiasts

sparky sparky Profile

4/5/00 at
10:25:35 AM

My plans call for a 5:00 arrival at WOF on Sat night. Why don't we make it a point to meet around closing (8:45-9:00) at Mamba's entrance for a closing night ride? On Sat night, I'll be wearing jeans and a dark tan Knoebel's Twister t-shirt. Anyone, email me to let me know- also, where is this Congo Clearing restaurant where lunch and dinner meetings are taking place at?

Coaster Nut- on Sunday, I'll be in the park all day. Why don't we meet at the fountain in Americana at noon? Email me to confirm. I'll be wearing either jeans/cargo shorts and a PKD navy Grizzly T-Shirt (which has a very Beast like looking logo).

Also-if anyone's interested, I'll be at Silver Dollar City on Friday if anyone wants to meet up- Buzzsaw Falls and Thunderation will both be running.

email me if you want to meet up.