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TR: Hersheypark (7/9/14)

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8/2/14 at
10:52:07 PM

After coming from Knoebels, I headed for Grantville, PA's MainStay Suites for two nights (nice rooms with full kitchens, but hella pricey) not all that far from Hershey, PA. I arrived at Hersheypark approx 10:50. Despite arriving at the park not to late from the park opening, this place was packed all day, and all of the coasters had pretty lengthy waits. The weather had some quick showers, but otherwise sunny. On to the rides.

Comet: My first ride of the day, and my first 'Comet' named coaster. I rode in the middle. Comet is a great classic woodie that felt rerideably smooth. I had some nice air throughout it's many airhills too. No complaints about this one at all, excellent classic coaster.

Flying Falcon: A Huss Condor. My only Hershey walk on ride, as is has a pretty large capacity. I stumbled upon this ride, and it went under the radar with me, as I thought that it was a typical 'snap flyer' ride at first (from the name). These babies are pretty unique. It's a relaxing family ride of medium height, and it's very aesthetic in motion from an off ride view.

Skyrush: I love watching the Comet crest over the airhill while in the queue. I rode near the front. Skyrush has a very fast Millie-style lifthill. The first drop is very good, then all I remember was intense 'bucking bronco' type of airhills. It's the only coaster that forces you the grab the handle bar. Ejector air isn't the word for it. I can see why some dubbed it 'ThighCrush'. I love it though, it made my top ten (URC list).

Sooperdooperlooper: An old school single looper was a great name. Some peeps confused this queue line with the nearby Great Bear. This would be great as someone's first looper. It has a nice good old vertical loop, and a pretty surprising tunnel, that's about it. It's very comparable to SFMM's Revolution, but I'll give the edge to Rev.

Great Bear:A vending machine took my money (1 dollar) in this queue. I rode in the middle. The first drop is very unique, making way for Sooperdooperlooper below, with a high helix, then it drops. It's very comparable to Talon, but I'll give the edge to Talon. It has a nice forceful zero-G roll.

Wildcat: I believe I rode in the middle. A pretty good twisting first drop, and that's all I can say good about it. It was rough too. Not much stood out. My least favorite at Hershey.

Lightning Racers: Easily my favorite dueling woodies so far! Lightning Racers are awesome! I rode the Lightning right side first. I love the unique staggered hills between the Thunder & Lightning sides. The first drops are excellent. Great visuals of the other trains (probably more on Lightning than Thunder) but I still love both sides. I love the duel hill tunnel after the drop. I kid you not, but my side won twice on each side! I love these coasters, and yes I'm counting them as two. :)

Trailblazer: A mini train situated at seemingly the lowest terrain elevation of the park. I rode near the front. I actually waited for this and Storm Runner to open because of thunderstorms. It's one of the few mine trains with one lift. It's very tame, and feels more like a straight out kid coaster than a mine train. It's pretty short too. Best way to describe is 'eh'.

Storm Runner: A rode somewhere in the middle. Nice launch. It has a very unique layout and inversions. Liked it, but just too short for me to love.

Fahrenheit: I caught the rear train. I love this coaster. It has a tight Eurofight-like layout. It has an insanely awesome first drop. I never been on a coaster with a combo of many inversions along with significant airtime moments. Like Stormrunner, this baby has two unique inversions (Norwegian loop). Made the top ten.

I skipped the commonplace Wild Mouse and the boomerang Sidewinder(like it's layout in front of the path BTW)only because of those insanely long lines. I hear alot of people complaining about Skyrush's placement on the Comet in the Hollow; I absolutely LOVE that area, and the unique intertwining of those three coasters, and Great Bear which makes four. It's like an amusement construction marvel to me. Besides, with the roaring Great Bear in the area prior, it's not like the Hollow was like quaint and pristine Lost Kennywood or something. :) I know that yall are tired of these lagging TR's; I'll try to finish up by tomorrow. Hope that yall enjoyed.

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Re: TR: Hersheypark (7/9/14) by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/3/14 12:48:30 AM
Great TR. I visit Hershey often, because we only live 3 1/2 hours away. I agree on everything you mentioned, except Fahrenheit being a top 10 coaster. I like Fahrenheit, but wouldn't put in my top 10. I agree that Comet Hollow is packed full of custom coaster layouts that intertwine with each other. It's my favorite section of the park. Skyrush does have that insane air time. The back seat is even more extreme. I'm a fan of Storm Runner, but agree its too short of a ride. I also like the staggered lift hills on Lightning Racer and the tunnel is great. Lightning Racer sits just outside my top 10 wooden coasters. I count each side as a credit also, because each side is a little different. Wildcat has become very rough. In the late 90's, it was actually very smooth. It's very how you stated SDL should be a kids first looping coaster, because it was youngest son's first looping coaster. This was a very enjoyable read, being it was your first ever visit, and you have the same observations as I do at Hershey.
Re: TR: Hersheypark (7/9/14) by HamptonRoadsRider HamptonRoadsRider Profile at 8/4/14 3:24:13 PM
Nice trip report. I agree with most of your review. Hershey is a great park, went last year for the first time.
Re: TR: Hersheypark (7/9/14) by drachen drachen Profile at 8/4/14 5:25:51 PM
Count me in as a fan of Fahrenheit. I think it's Hersheypark's best steel coaster. Outside of the vertical lift, which I don't care for, I think it's once of the best multi-element coasters out there. I just wish it had better capacity.

Overbanked, while I'll likely not comment on them all, I'm very much enjoying reading about your coaster adventure. Keep 'em coming!

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