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Amuesement Park Demographics


8/2/14 at
5:08:25 PM

I am seeking statistical information on age of amusement park attendees. Specifically what percent are children aged 2-12. I am creating a product I am looking to license to theme parks that is designed for children and it would be greatly beneficial to know my market.
Additionally any information about overall attendance, on the rise or decline, how frequently does a amusement park goer go to a park, how much is spent on food/services, how much does the average souvenir cost etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and who knows if the information is good enough I might just cut you in on the product :)

Re: Amuesement Park Demographics by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/3/14 2:24:24 AM
Don't know exactly what data you are looking for, but I'll give you some feedback. Most people on this site, including myself, travel the country visiting parks and riding roller coasters. I've been to 64 parks in US and Canada and have ridden 353 different coasters. My home park is Kennywood and I usually visit between 10-15 times per year. My kids travel with me. My daughter is 12 years old and has been on 297 different coasters. She likes visiting as many parks as possible and riding as many different coasters as possible. My son is 14 and he has been on 256 different coasters. His coaster count isn't nearly as important to him as it is to my daughter. He'd rather ride his favorite coasters multiple times and eat at different restaurants. He enjoys the road trip and seeing different parts of the country as much as riding the coasters. I have a set budget every year on what we spend on our coaster trips. I try to eat as cheap as possible, and stay at the cheap Motel 6. I try to get the kids to as many parks as possible, without going over our budget.

As far as souvenirs, I tend to buy on ride photos occasionally. I take a lot of photos, while we visit amusement parks. Those photos are my souvenirs. My daughter usually buys bracelets with the park name on them. She will buy other cheap souvenirs, under $10, but bracelets ars her favorite. My daughter tries to collect a cheap souvenir from each park. My son likes to t-shirts and hats. They usually are not amusement park related. They usually pertain to video games or TV shows, but he buys them at souvenir shops at amusement parks. To be honest, I hate when they have souvenir money. We have to stop riding coasters and rides a hour before we want to leave, in order for them to shop. Both kids like going in all the different stores and viewing all their options, before they make a purchase. I hate to shop, and starting next year the souvenir shopping is going to stop.

My daughter and I are fine with packing snacks and drinks. We even order off of the McDONALD'S dollar menu before entering a park and after we leave. My son is obsessed with trying different foods from food chains that he has never tried. He would rather eat every 3 hous than ride his favorite coasters, that have no line. I try to be fair to everyone and try to accommodate everyone's needs. I do put a limit on that also. I try not to waste money on food and drinks inside the park. Once again, eating different foods is not the objective, while at an amusement park. Riding coasters and rides is the reason for the visit.

Another thing that's important to me, that get overlooked is the friendliness of the park staff and their desire to efficiently move the lines. It's not priority #1, but a bad experience with a park employee, can ruin my day. I judge my experience by the positive vs. negative encounters I have that day. Park employees cannot control how many people are in a park, but can control how fast they move lines, and how they interact with paying patrons.

I don't know if this was the information you were looking for, but I tried to be as specific as possible about what each one of us looks for when visiting an amusement park.