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TR: Dorney Park & Knoebels (7/8/14)

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8/1/14 at
10:12:40 PM

Coming straight from Six Flags America to Penn VIA seemingly countless tolls, I slept at the Wingate (by Wyndam) in Allentown not too far from the park. Unfortunately the Mc Donald's isn't 24HR's, so after a long nap, I made a blank trip there at 1:00AM. I arrived at the park appox 9:56, nice and early. Crowds were pretty thin early, but picked up very rapidly shortly after. Since I arrived at the park at opening, the rides had lil to no lines. On the the rides.

Wild Mouse: Early in the morning due to my lil' condition, I often hack up alot of phlegm, so I was getting it out in the grass off the path (sorry, TMI) and I didn't want to ride anything too intense at the time. Wild Mouse which was a walk on was the perfect coaster. It had some nice mild dips, and the laterals wasn't too bad.

Hydra: I quickly recovered, and headed to Hydra. I rode in the second seat with two girls in front of me. The Jo-jo roll was pretty cool. This coaster is situated underneath many rocks. The rest of the ride was pretty typical B&M, smooth with the normal array of inversions.

Whip: If I rode this classic ride before when I was a kid at Coney, I didn't remember it. Man, Pennsylvania has alot of Whips (Dorney, Knoebels, and Kennywood). The state should be called 'Whipsylvania' :). IMO the ride looks more fun than it actually is. It's very mild, and great for the young ones. It's a great classic nevertheless.

Meteor: It's a Zamperla Hawk (48 passengers). I rode in one of the preferred 'end seats'. I never ridden that type prior to riding. This ride is freaking awesome! You go head over head over heels with that weightlessness feeling. To me it's way better than those old floored looping ships like the Phoenix at BGT. Instantly one of my favorite flatrides.

Possessed: Finally, I got to ride a freaking Intamin Impulse, after two failed attempts at CP and Valleyfair! I rode in the back. The launch is very intense with shoulder pinning positive-Gs. The back is the best for the rear vertical spike, where you catch all of that height, and weightlessness. In the back, you just barely nip the forward spiral section. Towards to end of the ride, the train is caught atop the car, which safely brings you back to the station; It kinda caught me by surprise. I wanted to ride the front seat(after riding Thunderhawk) but it was down.

Thunderhawk: I love the way a path goes right through Thunderhawk; It feels like you are inundated by that coaster when walking on the path. I rode in the miidle. The coaster is a tad rough in the troughs, but it has some fun unbanked turns, and hills throughout. I caught some floater air on some of the hills.

Steel Force: I rode in the back. It had a good first drop. To tell you the truth, the course kinda felt typical Arrow/Morgan hyper. I felt some air throughout the hills, but nothing out of the ordinary. I have to rate Magnum and Wild Thing(which I think is underrated) over this one. I saw the Dinosaurs Alive attraction during the return to the station.

Talon: I rode somewhere in the middle. It kinda felt like Afterburn/Batman. I felt a tad of air on it. It had some good zero-G roll with some nice air. I remember feeling good unpredictable moments on the coaster being in the middle; Sometimes seeing everything isn't cracked up like it's meant to be (like unobstructed seating etc).

Demon Drop: I rode this when it was at Cedar Point. These 1st gen freefalls are a dying breed. I absolutely love this thing. The anticipation for the drop is the best. I believe this is the only one in North America.

The Stinger: was down all day, and in fact was the only coaster down on all throughout my July trips. I headed off the Knoebels.


Knoebels is in a great picturesque setting in the mountains. I arrived at the ticket kiosk approx 2:14. It's funny how people say that Knoebels is a small park. this park is midsized at least. There was some attractions that took me a while to find. The value that you get in this park is amazing! I spent next to nothing all day (no more than 30 dollars including food) and got on all the rides that I wanted to get on. The park was packed pretty good throughout my visit. The rides.

Satellite: An Everly Roll-O-Plane. Hey, you only live once, so might as well give it a try LOL. Very dicey moments on this old school ride. The entire ride, I was riding defensively, holding on to the sides of the cage, getting thrown about. That's the best way to describe it.

Fandingo: A small Huss Frisbee with some pretty good air. It reminded me of The Rattler at Wild Adv.

Black Diamond: My least favorite at the park (and maybe during all of my July park trips). It's considered a 'coaster' but it feels more like a poorly executed dark ride. No surprising drops, or anything like that, just boring mild and slow wild mouse-like turns. I expected much more from this one.

Flying Turns: I actually rode this first at the park. I originally was lined up for the front train, but after the secret weighing, they but me in the back. The first pre-drop was a tad better than I thought it was gonna be. The meat of the ride felt very similar to a more compact steel bobsled. The ride was just okay to me, but nothing with any wow factor. Still, I thank Knoebels for building that coaster from the past, and feel honored just to ride it. Now for the Virginia Reel. :)

Cosmotron: An enclosed Himalaya/Music Express. This thing is freaking awesome! I believe Ke$ha or someone like that was playing. Blaring pop music/techno music, strobe lights, lasers, darkness, that's Comsotron in a nutshell. I'll have to put it over SFOG's defunct enclosed scrambler 'Shake, Rattle, & Roll".

Haunted House: It's a classic dark ride. Way better than Black Diamond IMO. Tons of classic ghastly moments. A must ride when at Knoebels.

Skyride: In speaking of a must ride, Skyride a ride that I normally don't think much of, this one at Knoebels has breathtaking views on the way back from the round trip. You can see from VERY high above the entire park, and Knoebels looks tiny like Hidden Valley Ranch from high on that mountain. I basically stumbled on this attraction, and I'm so glad that I rode it. A ride op on Twister told me that it's even more spectacular at night, with the distant lights below.

Phoenix: I rode it twice near the front, and in the back. An awesome coaster with great airtime hills and a pitch black tunnel. Seems like where you sit, you're gonna felt air at the beginning of a turnaround until riding Phoenix. It seems like the front trains was more comfortable, because in the back I kept hitting my leg on the front of the train. This classic is one of the best woodies out there, in my top ten, but out of my overall ten.

Twister: This coaster was pretty hard for me to find, past a wooden bridge then make a left after someone's house. :) I rode it twice (near front and back) It's another great woodie at Knoebels. It's very quirky with the two back to back lift hills. One of the most unpredictable layouts of a woodie the I've experienced. It has a mini-SOB style helix from hell and surprising tunnel towards the station run, and the bat out of hell feeling on the flat turn finale. Like Phoenix, for me near the front the PTC's were more comfortable than in the back.

I ate at this food stand near Twister, and oh man these cheese fries that I ate were the best fries that I ever had! I told the server not to put so much cheese which will drown the fries. They were so good. :) I'll do the Hershey TR soon as I can, because this dumb computer is still giving me some trouble. Hope that yall enjoyed. :)

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Re: TR: Dorney Park & Knoebels (7/8/14) by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/2/14 12:38:59 AM
Another great TR. I agree that the PA Whips are a little tame, but the one at Rye Playland in NY is awesome. My favorite coaster at Dorney is Talon. The zero g roll is great and the air time drop. The thing I really like about Talon is the very low to the ground helix. I've been to Dorney 4 times now and every time the park has been dead. I agree about Meteor. I've several of these rods and Meteor is the best one.
Glad you made it to Knoebles. I wouldn't consider it the best park, but I have a blast every time I visit. I'm also a fan of The Phoenix and Twister. I rode Flying Turns for the first time opening weekend. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was very fun, buy way too short. Knoebles has one of beat carousels, and catching the rings is a blast. They have the best bumper cars. Their Flyers are excellent. The only flyers that challenge them are the ones at Eldridge Park. Looper is another ride that I ride every time. It's a rare classic ride and one of my all time favorite flats. It's a classic version of Brain Surge at Nick Universe. Down Draft is another great flat ride at Knoebles. It sounds like you had a great day. By any chance did you ride any of the rides that I mentioned? Was Power Surge back up? It was down for maintenance on opening weekend.
Re: TR: Dorney Park & Knoebels (7/8/14) by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/2/14 3:05:21 AM
^^^I didn't ride any of the rides that you mentioned. I kinda shied away from many of the classic family type rides being by myself and all. The one that I thought about riding was the very unique Looper, but I kept on seeing youngsters always in pairs of two riding. I didn't know if you could ride by yourself, or how effective it would be to ride by yourself.

I didn't remember seeing Power Surge (wasn't targeting it) so I'm not sure if it was running or not. I did catch a Power Surge (Wild Thang) ride at Magic Springs.

Re: TR: Dorney Park & Knoebels (7/8/14) by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 8/2/14 7:33:17 AM
"Whipsylvania..." (SMH) ;)

Skipping the Skooters at Knoebels is blasphemy, pal.

The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: TR: Dorney Park & Knoebels (7/8/14) *NM* by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/2/14 10:57:50 PM
^^^My bad. :)