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TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14)

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

7/31/14 at
7:23:59 PM

I'm sorry about these series or belated TR's from nearly a month ago that I'm gonna do, but between me having to take my computer to a shop due to a bad thunderstorm, and taking a trip to Mississippi to visit my family, I didn't have no time to post the TR's. I went on a CRAZY series of two July park runs, covering EIGHT parks FOUR states and a total 46 new to me coasters!

I left FL at some ungodly time in the morning and made the ten+ hour trip and arrived at the park the same day. I arrived at the park approximately 12:21. The weather was sunny, and the park crowds were pretty sparse, but picked a lil' later on. Throughout the day, the staff was upbeat and friendly, giving hi-fives after some of the coaster rides; I heard the phrase 'Ready to ride say oh yeahh!' alot. :). At the time, every coaster was little to no wait. On to the coasters.

Mind Eraser: I rode Ghettogeist first at the park, LOL. I rode all by myself in the front row, shortly after a group of folks left the exit line; At first I thought that the coaster was down or something. This Vekoma SLC actually was pretty smooth, and the definitely one of the smoothest rides that I've ever experienced on a SLC.

Roar: An okay GCI. I rode somewhere in the middle. It had a nice head chopper roof section midway through the ride. It reminded me of Cheetah in some sections. It won't win any awards, but it is the best woodie in the park IMO.

Batwing: A Vekoma flyer. Rode in the middle. It was pretty rough, but not as bad as Nighthawk at Carowinds. Sadly the most notable thing I remember about this one was the sun in my eye on the lifthill.

Joker's Jinx: Jokers Jinx was anything but a jinx, but more like a pleasant surprise; Yeah the ride was very good as it's just like Poltergeist at SFFT, but before I boarded, some people speaking Spanish got off the ride, and I got on the ride near the back, naturally in the far left seat, and saw FIFTY dollars (two 20's and one 10) just sitting there in the right seat beside me! First I thought that it was my own money that fell out, but it wasn't! If they would've came back to claim the money, I would've gave it to them, but they didn't. I didn't know how they look like, as I barely glanced at them. Oh well, payday baby LOL.

Apocalypse: The old Iron Wolf stand up. It was a pretty decent coaster for it's age. it reminded me of Georgia Scorcher. It had a nice pyro moment, along with some theming and doomsday music. Although it did seem like the 'Apocalypse' theme was a lil' too big for such an old coaster; Seems like keeping the 'Iron Wolf' name, or maybe 'Maryland Scorcher' would've been more economical.

Superman: Ride of Steel: I rode two times, in the middle and the back; The airhills seemed more forceful in the middle for whatever reason. The first drop is awesome! The airhill after the descending double helix was the strongest, but the triple airhill trifecta on the station run was no slouches either. A lil' nitpick, the layout probably could have done without so much fast straight track (before the strong airhill midway) and that ascending helix before the station run. Still a very good coaster nevertheless, and easily the best in the park IMO.

Wild One: Yay, my 200th coaster!!! TBO I was trying to get Superman (199th) to be my 200th, but it didn't work that way. It's a Dinn Corp woodie, and I rode in the middle. I saw the POV's of this coaster, and was rooting for Wild One to be good, but it just didn't deliver, as it was very rough. It had lateral forces throughout. What is that tunnel-mountain thingy in the middle of Wild One? it didn't really have an effect on the ride.

Like Paul, I waited in the queue Ragin' Cajun with the intentions of riding it (admittedly only for the count :) but the wait was just too damn long for this new kid on the block with the same old spinning experience; Plus I was alone, so it would've been awkward to ride by myself in a family coaster. I used that time the ride Superman again. :)

Despite seeing some bad TRs in the past about SFA, I enjoyed the park, and it was a great way to start off my park adventure. I'll do the Pennsylvania extravaganza TR (including in order Dorney, Knoebels, Hersheypark, Lakemont, and Kennywood) later. Then during my Mississippi trip, I slipped in trips to Magic Springs, and Silver Dollar City; I'll do those TRs later also. Hope that yall enjoyed the TR.

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Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by MarathonRunner MarathonRunner Profile at 7/31/14 9:22:56 PM
Thanks for the TR. SFA is my home park and it is much better than the reputation it has received in the past. If you look at the recent trend, it has been getting better reviews than in the past. I am saying this, having grown up with Cedar Point.

A couple comments - yes, Mind Eraser is a pleasant surprise. It seems to be as smooth as it ever has been. In fact it has FAR LESS headbanging than our B & M (Apocalypse).

Roar was recently retracked in sections so it is running a little smoother, too. I wouldnt call it smooth, though. However, my last ride in it in the front row was awesome.

I agree that Supe is the best one there.

Thanks again


Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by ktujon ktujon Profile at 7/31/14 11:59:52 PM
Overbanked said:

A lil' nitpick, the layout probably could have done without so much fast straight track (before the strong airhill midway)

That's actually one of my favorite parts of the ride that many other coasters don't have, enjoy the breeze!

Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 8/1/14 9:45:20 AM
I like that segment too. I like the whole ride.
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Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by drachen drachen Profile at 8/1/14 10:47:25 AM
ktujon said:

Overbanked said:

A lil' nitpick, the layout probably could have done without so much fast straight track (before the strong airhill midway)

That's actually one of my favorite parts of the ride that many other coasters don't have, enjoy the breeze!

Yeah, I actually like the straight away - I feel it makes that subsequent hill feel even more intense.

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Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by frontrow frontrow Profile at 8/1/14 11:51:20 AM
Great TR. I like Six Flags America also, and my daughter loves that park. Superman ROS is a top 10 steel coaster for me. The air time is ejector insane. I'm actually a fan of The Wild One, but I haven't ridden it since 2012. I heard they did some track work on Roar, during the off season. During my last visit, it was almost unrideable, it was so rough. I like Joker's Jinx also. I prefer the outdoor models over the indoor models. Poltergeist at SF Fiesta Texas is still my favorite of those type of coasters. Congratulations on your 200th coaster. With the other parks you mentioned that you visited,you're probably now over 250. Can't wait to read the rest of reports from your trip.
Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/1/14 5:58:24 PM
Thanks for all of the feedback guys! I guess that all of you that like Supe's fast straightaway section are right, because that airhill after it is very intense afterall. :)
Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by MarathonRunner MarathonRunner Profile at 8/1/14 11:02:48 PM
Wow, I always hear people complain about the straightaway, but I also agree with you guys. I like it a lot. In fact, I like everything about it.

In fact, I considered this ride the ultimate ejector airtime machine until I tried Skyrush.


Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by antikythera antikythera Profile at 8/2/14 1:19:53 AM
It's also my home park and it's getting better with age. The old collection of coasters are some of my more favorite ones, in the scope of things. You're spot on with most of your observations although I'm surprised you didn't like Wild One.

The tunnel in the middle is the current skull for Apocalypse that used to house the Typhoon Sea Coaster, a rather unique water coaster ride from Intamin. If you look closely, you can see the turntable still sitting there behind the mountain (by Whistlestop Park and Joker's Jinx).

The drop and second hill are what makes Superman great. It's two of my favorite elements on any coaster, anywhere. I actually like the long segments and helices on Superman -- they actually are relaxing in a way, but I know everyone is different. Back right is my favorite spot on that ride -- I like to watch everyone pull their hand back into the coaster because they think the support is going to chop their arm off going into that second hill. :)

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Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 8/2/14 3:13:29 AM
^^^Sometimes woodies can be temperamental. I probably should have rode Wild One again in a different spot. I like the first descending helix on Supe; I just thought the second ascending helix is kinda overkill. Even so, Supe is one of my favorite hypers out there.
Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by ktujon ktujon Profile at 8/2/14 2:27:04 PM
I found out that non-wheel seats are best when dealing with cars that have 3 rows in them. Wild One and Rebel Yell!
Re: TR: Six Flags America (7/7/14) by houstondavid houstondavid Profile at 8/2/14 5:09:40 PM

I have enjoyed reading this thread. Particularly the segment on SROS. Being from Massachusetts and having SFNE as my home park, and knowing that Bizarro (aka SROS) has is consistently ranked among the best steel coasters, and having seen (but not ridden) the Darien Lake and Great America siblings with their long straights and big helix's, I just _knew_ (as would any good New Englander) that ours is better.

But reading you folks talking about your SROS makes me more excited about taking a ride. In the end, it as what makes riding coasters fun - they all have their own personality and can wow you in their own little ways. Rumor has it that the ACE Spring Conference is coming to upstate New York next year, so I will get my chance to get to know the other siblings.