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Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip


7/31/14 at
1:13:45 PM

Hi there. Heading to Cedar Point from Toronto on August 5th with my two boys (11 and 9). We're also planning on heading to Busch Gardens in WV. I wanted to get in another great park in between the two or after Busch on our way back to Toronto. What park would you recommend that is a must for Amusement park enthusiasts around that area? Can only pick one as we only have about a week.

Re: Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 7/31/14 5:24:17 PM
I can only speak of the parks that I've been to. Kennywood and Kings Dominion are kinda that corridor between Cedar Point and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Kings Dominion has more coasters and overall attractions, but Kennywood is more of the 'classic amusement park' with plenty of unique old school wooden coasters and flatrides, along with modern attractions.
Re: Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/31/14 5:28:58 PM
Please note, first of all, that Busch Gardens in not in West Virginia, as your post stated. It's in Virginia. Maybe a typo, but still...:)

If you want to add a park, your best bet MAY be Kings Dominion, an hour or so from BG in Virginia. My favorite floorless, Dominator, and my overall favorite steel coaster, Intimidator 305, reside there. Although I like BG a lot, I think KD is a more well-rounded park, although not as picturesque.

I'm assuming you've been to Canada's Wonderland.

Have a great time South of the border!


*EDIT*..looks like Chris and I were replying at the same time, with the same idea. Great minds and all that nonsense. Hi, Chris!

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Re: Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip by talluta at 7/31/14 8:51:08 PM
Been to Wonderland many times. We love "themed" parks and rides (like Disney and Universal) which is why we picked Busch Gardens. It seems like this is the most "themed" park in the area. I'm tempted to drive down further to Florida, but it would be too much of a drive back.

Will look into Kings Dominion.


Re: Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 8/3/14 9:50:49 PM
I would consider Hersheypark. However, the route planned seems kind of odd. Rarely do I hear Busch Gardens and Cedar Point planned for the same trip.
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Re: Newb needs help on Family Park Road Trip by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 8/11/14 10:59:34 AM
If you're coming from Toronto, then to Ohio, and then south east to Virginia I would say...Kennywood, Hersey Park, and Kings Dominion.

I haven't been to Kennywood but you're LITERALLY going to pass right by it. It's near Pittsburgh which is just shy of your halfway point on your trip to BGW.

Also, for you sons who liked themed stuff, Hershey Park is another nice option. It's a little further off your route but there is the cholocate factory tour, plus the park to enjoy.

I highly suggest both parks. I haven't been to Kennywood but hear it's a big park with some small park charm. I can say the same for Hershey. I really love Hershey Park's charm. It beats the atmosphere of six flags any day.

Kings Dominion is about an hour (I think) from BGW. KD is a great park and has the second most coasters out of the parks mentioned. (only behind CP) If you and your sons are all about coasters or want to ride a big variety, KD is the place for that. They have a launch coaster (volcano), indoor/dark (flight of fear), old wooden (rebel yell), floorless (dominator), racing wooden, and a 300ft tall monster in I-305, ect.

If you have a week, you could easily do 3-4 parks with some rest days.

Have a great time!

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