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SF St. Louis to remove Scooby Doo dark ride :(

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7/24/14 at
6:50:40 PM

Screamscape is reporting that SF St. Louis has placed a sign in front of the Scooby Doo Ghostblasters: The Mystery of the Scary Swamp interactive dark ride stating that it will be closing forever on Sunday, September 14:

This is sad news for me as I am a HUGE fan of these Scooby Doo dark rides. Out of the 6 in North American parks that once existed, this was the only one that had the "Scary Swamp" story/theme, and the only one that used a water flume instead of the more traditional "busbar" style track.

Sadly, since Cedar Fair removed the Scooby Doo theming, characters, and story from their 4 Haunted Mansion-themed Scooby rides (that they inherited from the former Paramount Parks - Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland), this means that the Scooby Doo Ghostblasters: The Mystery of the Haunted Mansion ride in Fiesta Texas will be the only one left in North America. The one in Parque Warner Madrid is apparently still open as well.

I am glad I at least got to ride 4 of the 6 in North America (I've never been to Canada's Wonderland, and I missed the Carowinds ride by about a year).

I'm kind of surprised by this as the ride seemed really popular with the public. In my experience, if you didn't hit it at or close to rope drop, the line could really get backed up fast, even on medium to slow days.

I am a huge dark ride fan, love Scooby, and this is the most Disney-esque or Universal-esque ride in the park. For all these reasons, it's honestly the ride I value most in the entire park BESIDES the 3 awesome woodies, of course!

Also, while I would prefer the ride to stay open through Fright Fest when I am normally on the road hitting parks (for cool weather and maximum night rides) I am glad SF is at least giving a longer warning that they've been giving for their closing woodies.

There is at least a chance I can move up some travel dates for a one-off quick weekend trip and say goodbye to this beloved classic before it closes forever.

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