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Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day?


7/23/14 at
2:51:11 AM

Hey guys,
Just got from my crazy trip to SFA and KD with the goal of riding as many of the coasters as possible (I was able to do 19/23). It's late so I'll save the TR for tomorrow.

I thought about this while driving to KD. I have done coasters at Kennywood/CP, CP/GL, and Knoebel's/Lakemont before, but did not come close to completing all the credits except for the later Knoebel's/Lakemont trip. This MD/VA trip was the 1st time I actively tried to complete all the credits (only Ragin Cajun was a failure because my allotted time for SFA was up and the 30-45 min line was not worth risk of getting caught in DC rush hour traffic. Superman, Great Chase and Taxi Jam were not ride able due to park policy.)

Has anyone else tried this, particularly without an escort or other line cutting device? I had more fun with it than I thought, so I may want to try two other parks in the future.


Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by Coaster316 at 7/23/14 7:48:48 AM
I've never done it at parks with a larger number of coasters. I've done the Lakemont/Delgrossos combo that I'm sure many people have done. I've also done Quassy and Dorney in one day.

The biggest number of combined rides in one day would have been a Kings Dominion/Hersheypark combo, but that was back when Hershey only had 4 coasters.

Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by ktujon ktujon Profile at 7/23/14 9:19:56 AM
I'm sure adding Dorney to either Great Adventure or Hershey is doable. I was able to get in all the coasters at Dorney in 1.5 hours minus Thunderbolt and Stinger.
Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/23/14 12:40:55 PM
I believe the only time I rode at two parks in one day, in 2009, the mentioned-above Lakemont/DelGrosso's combo. However, If things go according to plan, tomorrow may be the 2nd.


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Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by alpengeistno3 at 7/23/14 5:25:16 PM
ktujon said:

I'm sure adding Dorney to either Great Adventure or Hershey is doable. I was able to get in all the coasters at Dorney in 1.5 hours minus Thunderbolt and Stinger.

I had thought about trying Gradv and Dorney next (especially since my Cedar Fair and Six Flags passes would get me in without paying admission or parking).

Gradv would be the challenge. El Toro, KK, SUF and possibly Nitro's lines would definitely make it difficult to impossible to complete everything without a flash pass, even on a slow day.


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Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by NotSo NotSo Profile at 7/23/14 7:56:54 PM
IOA and Universal count? Kidding..

We did Holiday World and Kings Island in the same day, and I wouldn't be surprised if we did all the coasters. I know we did all HW, maybe missed Invertigo at KI..

Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by antikythera antikythera Profile at 7/23/14 10:04:57 PM
I've never done all the coasters at two parks in one day but I have been to both BGW and KD in the same day (10 am - midnight).

From a Mid-Atlantic perspective, BGW and KD would the easier of the two as compared to KD to SFA. Although each is about an hour or so apart from each other, BGW only has five (six if count Grover) coasters and they are pretty much people eaters.

On the flip side SFA never really has a crowded day (except Saturday, which is still fast compared to other parks).

Really, it would come down to the day your'e going and the traffic on either I-64 or I-95 which can be hit or miss for both, although I find the latter to be worse for no reason other than it's I-95.

That's my take on it.

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Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 7/23/14 10:31:46 PM
I did 2 small parks today on the way to the boat. I added Sea Dragon, a John Allen junior wooden coaster at Jungle Jacks Landing at The Columbus Zoo. I then headed down to Coney Island at Cincinnati and added Python, a steel galaxi coaster. Both were first time visits. Columbus Zoo is a really nice zoo and Coney Island is a nice little park. Would have liked to see Coney Island in its glory days.
Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by Frontrider Frontrider Profile at 7/24/14 7:39:24 PM
NotSo said:

IOA and Universal count? Kidding..

I would count them, since technically they are two different theme parks! ;)

This happens pretty much every single day I am doing parks in central Florida ever since Fun Spot opened. Because even though I like to do open-close full days at whatever park I start at, the Fun Spot fixed closing time of midnight means it is always open after whatever park I spent the day at closes, and I have a season pass there.

There are times I've hit 2 or even 3 of the "major" Florida parks in the same day, either due to staggered closing times, or due to special events that I wanted to do going on at 2 on the same day - in which case I did a rare (for me) thing of leaving a park before it closes.

As far as outside of Florida, I realized that whenever I do the Friday nights at Kings Dominion for an October weekend there, I can get a "bonus" half-day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (after spending the previous full weekend there), without losing any time at KD, because of the late 7 PM-ish KD October Friday opening time, and because BGW is one of the few regional themers that does a full day on their Fridays in October. (since I've had a Platinum pass at the Busch/Sea World chain continuously since 2006, this extra half-day isn't costing me anything - although it still feels strange to walk out of a park with rides still running!)

On those days, I got on all the BGW and MOST of the KD coasters on the same day. I don't think I ever got ALL the KD coasters on those Friday nights, because some (like the junior woodie) were only open the next two days - but I rode them then, of course. I think I finished with around 16 - 18 total coasters between the two parks on those split Fridays (all 6 at BGW and about 10 or 12 at KD).

I recall a similar situation in San Antonio in 2010, again, in October on Friday. Since Fiesta didn't open until around 6, I got an extra half-day in Sea World before Fiesta opened, and got all 3 of the coasters, a marathon on Steel Eel at morning rope drop, and saw all the shows and animals, before leaving to make Fiesta's rope drop for several laps on Rattler. I rode all 7 of Fiesta's coasters and several of their other rides before ending, of course, with night rides on my beloved original wooden Rattler.

My longest "single day" parkhop record as far as total driving distance between parks was Wild Adventures and Magic Kingdom on the first day of a few of my central Florida Christmas-season trips (usually beginning Dec 27 or 28.) This is about 220 miles, which doesn't seem all that remarkable, but the thing is, I stayed at Wild Adventures from rope drop to CLOSE as it was my "main park" of the day! But since they closed at 7 or 8 PM and the MK midnight, I could cover that distance comfortably without speeding and still make it to MK for some night rides!

Since my WDW pass is currently expired, I duplicated a similar feat on the first day of my Christmas trip this past year - not leaving Wild Adventures until it closed; riding Cheetah in the dark up until they called "last train"; taking my time looking at souvenirs on the way out; but using Fun Spot's midnight closing as my second destination instead of the MK. And I do recall getting the 7 Wild Adventures coasters and the 3 Fun Spot coasters on the same day - ending, of course, with night rides on White Lightning!

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Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by d-lo775 d-lo775 Profile at 7/24/14 10:32:50 PM
Never really focused on getting all the coaster credits at multiple parks in one day. Usually just try to get a few laps on the ones I really like. Multiple parks in one day is pretty much the norm when traveling with gad198.

Multiple park trips in one day that I've done are:

Hersey Park and Six Flags Great Adventure
Hersey Park, Dorney and Knoebels
Great Adventure and Dorney (twice)
Six Flags America, Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens
Six Flags America and Great Adventure
Waldameer and Canada's Wonderland
Michigan Adventure and Cedar Point
Kings Island and Cedar Point (several times)
Kings Island and Holiday World (twice)
Kings Island and Kennywood
Kings Island and Dollywood
Kings Island and Camden Park
Kings Island and Six Flags Great America
Busch Gardens FL and Sea World Orlando (twice)
Six Flags StL and Holiday World
Six Flags StL and Worlds of Fun (twice)
Dollywood and Six Flags over Georgia
Six Flags New England and Lake Compounce
Six Flags New England,Great Adventure and Quassy

Not 100% sure about the last one, but I know we did 3 parks that day. Probably forgetting a couple trips, but you get the gist. I'm sure I probably completed a "sweep" somewhere along the lines at some of the smaller park combos that I've done, but that has never been a goal.

Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by ravenrider ravenrider Profile at 8/22/14 2:51:31 PM
I did 4 park and all coasters in one sometime in the mid 80's. Knobels to Hershey to dorney to clemonton lake. that was fun.
Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by depotrat at 8/23/14 12:41:30 AM
When the parks are small enough and only have one or two coasters we have done up to six parks in one day and did all the coasters in the parks. It usually means starting right at opening and going all day to closing at the last park with tons of driving in between, but when you are only going to be there once..... Listed below.

4 parks


4 parks

Darien Lake
Sylvans Beach

4 parks

Jolly Roger Pier
Jolly Roger Park
Blue Diamond

5 parks

Funtown Pier
Casino Pier

6 parks

Victoria Gardens
Sesame Place
Blackbeard's Cove
Fantasy Island

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Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by ericthewanderer at 9/16/14 1:08:25 AM
I've done 2 or more parks in 1 day on various trips to NJ:they've all involved Great Adv. and the various piers on the Shore(Jenkinson's,Casino Pier,etc).
Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by ray_p ray_p Profile at 9/16/14 1:49:07 PM
Let’s see…

Waldameer-Conneaut (various)
Lakemont-DelGrosso’s (2006)
Knoebels-Dorney (2008)
Universal Studios Florida-Islands Of Adventure (2006)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom-Disney’s Hollywood Studios (2006)
Seabreeze-Martin's Fantasy Island (2012)

And my personal favorite from last year… Knott’s-Disneyland-Disney California Adventure

I’ve probably done others, but this old brain can’t quite remember!

Re: Rode Coasters at 2 parks in the same day? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 9/16/14 10:52:55 PM
We did our first ever 3 park day in July, during our big coaster trip: Storyland, Fun Town/ Splash Town/ Palace Playland. Storyland opened at 9:30 am and Palace Playland stayed open until after 10:00pm, which made it possible. Also FT/ST and Palace Playland are only a few miles from each other. Rode all the coasters and all the other rides we wanted. Even got 5 rides on Roar O Saurus and 10 on Excalibur.