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Dream Machine

houstondavid houstondavid Profile

7/7/14 at
9:52:59 PM

The whole thread about Hawaii got me thinking about what my ‘dream coaster’ would be?

- B&M V-style Hyper trains (i.e. Diamondback and Behemoth) because I love the openness.
- A 300’ drop for the speed and airtime (preferably over a real cliff :->).
- Usual airtime hills popping in and out of natural ravines.
- Couple of underground tunnels.
- A section of zig-zag track through the terrain and trees. Ooh, how about over a running river?
- Helix to match the Beast (only smoother, of course).
- Some sort of water element, either passing behind a waterfall or a low pass over a lake with some sort of water effects.

Basically a 7-8 thousand foot long B&M Hyper with elements of a terrain coaster mixed in among the usual airtime hills. Not sure if any existing parks have the topography to do it, but a guy can dream…

What is your’s?

Re: Dream Machine by HamptonRoadsRider HamptonRoadsRider Profile at 7/8/14 3:07:53 PM
Since we are dreaming - Replace Loch Ness with simlar layout sit down suspended coaster stil lcalled "loch Ness Monster". Cars are now suspended ala big bad wolf, but a new modern design with solid lapbar only and inversion capable. 1st drop is now 300 feet down into the ravine, and going back up throws in an inversion half way up the hill to slow things down enough to turn around for drop+loop entry. So you head down the second hill into the now worlds tallest loop, then into tunnel, which now does a barrel roll all the way through the helixes in the dark with stobes/audio/theming. After the tunnel comes the launch to 100mph up another 300 ft top hat with an inversion at the top, barrel rolling all the way back down into an underground tunnel under the lake, with some bunny hops underground. briefly coming out above ground near the park entrance before going back underground toward the old second loop. Now the train comes out of tunnel to make the interlocking loop, before hitting another tunnel with a loch ness expedition gone wrong theme and some high banked turns, then back into the station.

We are dreaming right?

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Re: Dream Machine by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/8/14 3:56:24 PM
And what would you call this? Because it sure ain't Nessie 2.0 :))

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The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: Dream Machine by houstondavid houstondavid Profile at 7/9/14 6:05:51 AM
Wow, very active imagination :->. Nice.

Had to look up Loch Ness and take a ride on the POV. Looks like a nice ride, and your dream certainly kicks it up a notch - well, quite a few, actually. Thanks!

Anyone else have a dream coaster?


Re: Dream Machine Photo by Link Link Profile at 7/12/14 10:03:43 PM
My dream coaster would be a gut-busting, steel, sit down floorless hyper airtime machine with a 250+ ft lift.

The coaster would start with five or so hills that would be nothing but outrageous airtime. Like houstondavid, I'd like open seats a la Diamondback, but I've always been very impressed by Maurer Söhne's floorless X-car concept. (See pictured: Does anyone know of any installations of this model?)

The turnaround would be a batwing, similar to Montu.

It would then go to an LIM launch, and the second part of the coaster would start with an outside tophat @ ~200ft followed by 6 inversions: Dual vertical loops, cobra roll, and two corkscrews.

Most of the circuit would leap high over a boardwalk-style amusement park, with some elements exposed to the water below.

I have yet to see a coaster that blends classic airtime elements and multiple inversions into a single ride experience.

User Submitted Picture

Maurer Söhne's Floorless X-Car Concept

Re: Dream Machine by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 7/16/14 1:13:19 AM
For me, i love montu. I guess i'd want a scaled up version that is 200' tall and 8 inversions just because everything in the us seems to be capped at just 7. Maybe make the lift hill launching like the hulk and a loop around the lift hill like what banshee at ki has.

For i305, that ride, i'd replace those fast side to side turns with corkscrews so at least you won't be slamming into the restraints. I'd also add a few giant helix that the ros coasters have.

For a strato coaster like kk, i'd add a loop and a giant helix before the ride hits the breaks. For a ride with that much momentum falling down 400'+ It is such a waste all of that energy ends at the end of a camel hill.

That's all i can think of for now.

Re: Dream Machine by HamptonRoadsRider HamptonRoadsRider Profile at 7/16/14 11:18:39 AM
beastmaster said:

And what would you call this? Because it sure ain't Nessie 2.0 :))

LOL...yeah it started out as Nessie 2.0 but I got a little carried away :-)

Re: Dream Machine by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 7/21/14 2:30:13 PM
My dream machine is almost on par with houstondavid.

Definitely gotta go with the B&M hyper train seats/track. I actually prefer Nitro/Apollo Chariot traditional style seats where it's not staggered. The reason why is because I like seeing/interacting with my 3 other friends. I would want to be next to all of em instead of just one.

I'd absolutely love to see a 400' hyper. Well, it'd be calle something else at that point wouldn't it? But I digress. 400' drop, preferably half of the ride in the woods (ala Nitro) and the other half in an open area that in unstainted by anything else.

Elements I'd want

- hit or break the 100mph mark
- a steep camel back (think top hat, like Kinda KA) at some point
- no break run
- second hill would have a dive inversion (think of a more hardcore turn like Nitro's first turn)
- as many camel backs as possible for airtime
- heammerhead
- double upward helix with a waterfall or water effect inside it
- ride length to be between 4-5 minutes (6 min total including lift)
- 4-5 max train operation (due to ride length)to keep the line flowing nicely.
- best line management available - two stations, single rider line, ect ect.

Sounds pretty nuts, but also doable in my lifetime. I mean, this is the "Dream Machine" thread right?!?

Also I like the other ideas above! ^ Super fun to read. :) Nice thread!

- mugen828
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Re: Dream Machine by houstondavid houstondavid Profile at 7/22/14 10:13:01 PM
Thanks for chiming in! Never even occurred to me to include ride-ops in the list, and they certainly play a role in the overall enjoyment of a ride.

Definitely some recurring themes: Tall, fast, long (to use up all that energy from the 'tall'), A-I-R-T-I-M-E, tunnels or other terrain interactions, and multiple elements not usually seen on tall airtime coasters (helix, dive turns, top hats, inversions).

Thank you everyone for contributing. It has been fun to dream!