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Island of adventure and universal

Posted: 6/25/14 at 6:36:49 AM
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Hey guys how's it going. Just wondering what you guys think of the rides the Incredible Hulk,dueling dragons, and the rip rocket. For theme parks theyre actually not that bad but after going to cedar point where I saw a whole new different type of coaste my mins changed a bit, I think hulk is one of the best B&M rides but dueling dragons it's not what it use to be and it's jus not a great ride like raptor and rip rocket, I do think it's good but the fact that it has a vertical lift hill but not a vertical drop kinda bothers me. Anyways what do you guys think lol

Re: Island of adventure and universal by Frontrider Frontrider Profile at 6/25/14 7:30:15 AM
Rip Rocket is my fave of the bunch at Universal and quite possibly my fave steel in Florida. And I can tell you why in one word - AIRTIME! SEVERAL moments in both the front and back seats. And its loop is my favorite loop of all time, because instead of going upside down and getting positive g's, you flip around and climb over the top of it like a camelback, and get airtime going over the outside of the loop!

My second fave there is Mummy, a fun dark coaster with some surprising airtime moments in the dark.

Of the high-profile B&M multiloopers, I prefer Dragon Challenge, as I like how their unique layouts have long straightaways and more time is spent NOT doing inversions - Chinese Fireball even has a camelback!

That's not a knock on Hulk - I'm just not a big multilooper person - I don't dislike them, but I'm not passionate about them, either. I do think its tunneled launch is a fun and unique opening sequence and overall I like the ride. Of course, it it was a B&M hyper, it would easily be my favorite steel in Florida or even the country! ;)

The Hippogriff and Woody Woodpecker junior coasters are fun and well-themed.

While the Uni parks may not have as large or as varied a coaster lineup as Cedar Fair or SF parks, I nonetheless love them and am VERY pleased with my Premier Annual Pass.

They have a lot of other things that I love that, in comparison, most regional parks don't do nearly as well - namely, amazing, immersive, theming (particularly at IOA), and a nice collection of world class dark rides.

Cat In the Hat offers fun and colourful whimsy that can rival the best of Disney and is the centerpiece of Seuss Landing, which is colourful, whimsical, hyper-detailed, and IMO does "charm" and "whimsy" at a level rivaling the best of Disney. Caro-seuss-el is among my all-time favorite (if not my favorite) carousels, and the Trolly Train Ride offers a fun aerial tour while telling the story of the Sneetches.

Step over a bridge into The Lost Continent and you'd never know you were in the same park! The theming is completely different, yet equally immersive and brilliant.

And of course, Wizzarding World of Harry Potter (both the dark ride and the section) live up to all the hype and then some. And with this world expanding into Diagon Alley in the adjacent original Uni park, there is plenty to look forward to.

Other favorites of mine at IOA include the Jurrasic Park and Spider Man rides. Jurrasic for the dinos and Spidey for the immersive, seemless blend of 3-D sets and 3-D film. I've never been into tech for tech's sake, but in this case the tech really does serve the story well and creates a seemlessly immersive experience.

Dr Doom is also fun, and even though it's a common ride found at many parks, I can't pass up that sweet pop of air at the top.

And I LOVE the ET ride next door at the original Uni park, which, for my taste, is pure magic, again, on the level of my fave Disney dark rides.

I'm a big fan of the Animal Actors show as well, and the seasonal Mardi Gras and Macy's parades.

Back to a coaster standpoint, Uni may not have any woodies (my favorite type of coaster), and yet every time I go there I get to ride one. Because after the Uni parks close, I head just a few blocks away to Fun Spot, where While Lightning runs to midnight every night of the year. And since I have a season pass at Fun Spot, I get to close each Orlando night with night rides on an awesome woodie!

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