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Question About Scream Machine

Posted: 6/20/14 at 5:48:23 PM
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With so many Six Flags woodies going iron, I was wondering if this will also be in in the works for the Great American Scream Machine. Has anyone heard anything? Six Flags Over Georgia is my home park.

Re: Question About Scream Machine by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/21/14 1:15:06 AM
I sure hope that doesn't happen. I live in near Pittsburgh PA, but SF Over Georgia is one of my favorite parks. I like all the John Allen coasters, especially Scream Machine. We were there last year and both wooden coasters were running well. Scream Machine and Georgia Cyclone were giving great rides in the front seat. We did attempt a back seat ride on Scream Machine also, but it was a little to bumpy. Scream Machine is my 3rd favorite coaster at the park, with Goliath and Mindbender being my favorites. Not only does Scream Machine provide a great ride, the coaster station is retro, and the coaster itself is very photogenic. My fear that your prediction may come true is due to the low ridership. Every time I've been to the park Scream Machine and Georgia Cyclone have been walk ons. I hope they decide to maintain their wooden coasters properly and keep them as wooden coasters.
Re: Question About Scream Machine by Chris27 Chris27 Profile at 6/23/14 7:47:28 PM
Is that a wooden coaster? I know the GASM was a ride in Great Adventure that they took out for Green Lantern.

Guess this is a wooden coaster with the same name.

Re: Question About Scream Machine by mikesmail76 at 6/23/14 7:55:09 PM
Yeah, the "GASM" is an out-and-back woody at Six Flags over Georgia, and one of my favorites (though I've outgrown it). It debuted in the mid 70's.

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