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Memorial Day Weekend PA Parks

Posted: 5/29/14 at 9:52:22 PM
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I went to Kennywood on Friday. I bought our season passes for the year. The park was dead. I got multiple rides on everything I wanted, expect Phantoms Revenge ( 1 ride), in about 4 hours. Phantoms Revenge is currently only running one train. Even with low crowds, the wait times were very long by midday. Baryen Kurve was closed, but has opened since my visit. Swingshot was closed also. All the coasters are running very well. Phantom and Thunderbolt have improved since last year. The new restaurant, Johnny Rockets, hasn't opened yet. We plan on going back on Sunday and then on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Saturday we headed to Waldameer. We were there from 12:00- 5:00. The park was crowded, but still manageable. We rode just about everything in the park. There were only 3 or 4 adult rides that we didn't ride. We got 6 rides on Ravine Flyer II. They were running both trains, but if the line wasn't all the way down the ramp, they would run a train empty. Ravine Flyer II is running exceptional in the first 2/3 of the ride. That last 1/3 the train really loses momentum. It's still very fun, but not stellar like the first 2/3. The back seat is just amazing. Wacky Shack and Pirates Cove are in prestine condition along with just about everything else in the park. We really had a good time, just wish we would have gotten more rides on Ravine Flyer II.

After we left Waldameer we headed to Conneaut. We arrived at 6:00. Blue Streak was not open on Friday and didn't open until 3:30 on Saturday. They kept the park open for an extra half hour until 9:30. Blue Streak is running good and really growing on me. The front seat and the 2nd row are pretty smooth. The 2nd row from back, the non wheel seat, was loaded with air time and very reridable. We ended up with 15 rides on it. Tumble Bug is up and running and running great. Devil's Den has greatly improved since last year. Other than the gum wall, the ride looks brand new. We rode the Flying Scooters 7 times. We ran into people from ACE and kept riding the flyers. We all had them snapping and snapping hard. They are still no match for Knoebles, but they were a blast. The ride op kept letting us stay on and was running extremely long cycles. He said he enjoyed watching us ride them to their fullest potential. Tilt A Wirl and Music Express were closed. The park has gotten better since last year. We had an absolute blast at Conneaut. I even considered staying the night up there and going back Sunday, but we had plans for Monday. I'm 99% sure we will revisit again this year. I really hope this park doesn't close. I'm just now starting to appreciate it for what it is.

On Monday Lakemont was offering free wristbands. Because of that the park was packed. Leap the Dips was closed, along with my favorite flat there, Twister. We rode everything else once. Their Tilt A Wirl is my favorite of Tilt A Wirls. We got 3 rides on Skyliner. It's running a tad bumpy, but loaded with ejector air. During my back seat ride, it felt like the coaster was going to dump me on the first 2 drops. Almost to the same degree as Cyclops at Mt. Olympus last drop. My kids rode Sky Diver. After I saw normal sized adults get turned away, I didn't even try to fit. We visited the park from 12:00-3:00.

After leaving Lakemont we headed to Delgrossos. This was actually our first ever visit to Delgrossos. The park was the size I was expecting, but much nicer than I was anticipating. Every thing looks brand new, from the rides, to the buildings. A very clean, nice, little park. Crazy Mouse was down, along with the Tilt A Wirl. We did get a credit on Wacky Worm. Their drop tower, X Scream, provides an incredible view of the surrounding mountains, and a terrific ride. There junior drop tower, Free Fall, was surprisingly fun. Their new ride for 2014 is Music Express. I don't know the make or manufacturer, but the ride it pretty fun. They run one cycle forward, then next cycle backwards. Backwards is much better. Their Yo To was good, their swinging pirate ship, Pharos Fury, was nicely themed. Swing Buggy is a matterhorn ride that is themed. Delgrossos is really not for coaster enthusiasts, but a great small park for the amusement park enthusiasts. We were able to jump from ride to ride and rode everything there, with multiple rides on our favorites. We stayed until 6:30 and then headed home.

All in all we a terrific Memorial Day weekend. Ravine Flyer II was the highlight,but Conneaut was memorable, and in a good way. PA is know for the larger parks like Hershey, Dorney, and Kennywood. The smaller parks can really provide a lot fun, without spending a ton of money. Really glad we made these little day trips. We had fun and that's what its all about.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Memorial Day Weekend PA Parks by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 5/30/14 1:07:11 PM
Great, comprehensive report as always, Ken. But can you elaborate on Lakemont's admission? Free wristbands? They weren't charging to get into the park or for rides?
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...
Re: Memorial Day Weekend PA Parks by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/30/14 8:31:11 PM
Thanks Mike. On Memorial Day Lakemont offered a free wristband that included the rides and water park. It literally cost nothing to ride. Unfortunately many, many people took advantage of it. Being that I have the kids it was a substantial savings for me, but because of the crowds, I would rather pay the $5 or $10 per person, in order to avoid those huge crowds. Don't get me wrong we had a terrific time, but we would have enjoyed it more if we could have jumped from ride to ride, like we did at Delgrossos. By the way Mike we are planning on a visit to Great Adventure towards the end of summer. I give you call sometime next month and we can start planning a day that works for you. I didn't gain as weight as I thought. I believe I would fit on Toro now.
Re: Memorial Day Weekend PA Parks by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 5/30/14 8:41:43 PM
If it was that crowded, I guess they made their $ that day on concessions.

Yeah, lemme know. If by late summer, you mean early September or Late August, should be good. Always cool to see you and the kids.

The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist...