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KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014

coastinj coastinj Profile

5/25/14 at
8:57:42 PM

I decided to be brave and venture to the park today (2nd day open) to see how things are coming along and just have a good day. I must say the work that ed Hart and his team have accomplished is nothing short of amazing. I only have a few criticisms but since they just reopened I can forgive them on it

Those would be:

there was a decent number of rides not open when I went past; Music express, enterprise, river rapids, deluge.

The program they were running on Breakdance and the new flying scooters was weak.

And the wait times signs are incorrect.

Now on the positives:

The new locker system (although expensive) is fantastic.
The $1.00 drink stations are well thought/spaced out
The new alcohol drink station is great.
The remodel on Thunder Run made it re rideable
The drop tower is really misleading and packs a punch
The drop chute waterslide is super smooth and scary
The security was on line jumpers like crazy that I saw

Lastly Lightning Run. I hate the restraints and how slow loading it is. In the front it's a good ride but in the back seat, holy bananas it's a great ride. Easily jumped into my top 5 favorite rides. It IMO is that good of a ride. Not to mention it made me hit the 200 mark on coasters I've ridden. I must say Chance outdid themselves and I can see a bunch more parks going with this ride.

Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/25/14 9:37:17 PM
Great TR. I was hoping someone would post something about Kentucky Kingdom. I'm planning on visiting sometime this summer. Glad to hear Lightning Run is a winner. I must ask about the restraints. Are they friendly to larger people? They are a new breed of restraints and I have no idea what to expect. I'm just wondering if I should wait until the end of summer, after I shed some pounds. How many rides did you get on Lightning Run and how long was the wait?
Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by coastinj coastinj Profile at 5/25/14 9:57:11 PM
Well they are a shin guard style ala Flight of Fear, however they are not large person friendly. I saw ppl that should have no problem being turned away. Based on the ppl it saw if your a guy and wear larger than a 38 waist pant and not proportionate you'll be turned away. Thankfully there is a test seat at the entrance. However from the entrance halfway in the queue it says, "1hr wait from this point". However my first ride I was outside the entrance at the Dippin Dots stand and it only took me 35 mins to be on a train in the back seat.
Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/25/14 10:06:46 PM
Thanks for the response. I'll have to wait until the end of the year. I have a waist of 40 inches as of now. Hopefully by the end of the year, I can get my waist size down.
Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by mrjaydub at 5/26/14 11:08:02 AM
Here's a clip of the new Lightning Run... that I think I'll pass on for a while.

Lightning Run Sways Too Much

Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by alpengeistno3 at 5/26/14 2:00:07 PM
mrjaydub said:

Here's a clip of the new Lightning Run... that I think I'll pass on for a while.

Here are the facts. (sigh)


Lightning Run Roller Coaster Safe

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Re: KY Kingdom TR: 5-25-2014 by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 5/26/14 9:32:03 PM
mrjaydub said:

Here's a clip of the new Lightning Run... that I think I'll pass on for a while.

Video has been made private, conveniently, but after looking at the clip from it in the other article, I can say that it's far from the first coaster to move like that. There's a whole lot of them that do- and by design to release the stress and energy.

Impulse coasters are a great example- watch those towers move on them while the ride is running. A number of old Schwarzkopf coasters move a lot as well (Shockwave at SFoT is a good example). The truth is if they didn't move, then they would be unsafe because the energy would be "smashing" into the track and start to cause it to crack and eventually break since it couldn't flex and move with the forces.