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Any advice for HW or SFStL

SirWillow SirWillow Profile

5/6/14 at
7:53:42 AM

It's been a number of years since I've been to either park (2002 for Holiday World for SRM and 2004 for SFStL). We're dropping in on both this weekend- Holiday World on Saturday, SFStL on Sunday. Being as it's been so long, there have been a lot of changes, and I am a bit worried about crowds with it being the weekend. Weather could be interesting on Saturday with a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms as well.

So any suggestions as to plans of attack? We'll be there at opening. Where to go first? Which rides/ coasters in which order? Ways to save money on food? (admissions are already covered). Any other advice?

thanks a bunch!!

Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/6/14 8:05:58 AM
Drat... we head south for ten days, and that's when everyone comes to town! Unfortunately, it's been four years since our last visit to HW, and ten years for SfStL. So I can't really offer much in the way of advice, other than to wish you safe travel, pleasant weather and happy coastering!
Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 5/6/14 8:17:44 AM
I've only been to HW twice so I'm no expert but some advice that was passed along to me was start with Raven, then Legend, and work your way up to Voyage's intensity.

Both times I've been I've done this. If you get there at opening, you'll be able to marathon on Raven before it's more than a one train wait, and the same applies for Legend. Expect a line by the time you get to Voyage. First ride in Voyage has got to be in the back, no white knuckles.


Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by Link Link Profile at 5/6/14 12:49:11 PM
I have no experience with SFStL, but I do have some experience with Holiday World.

The way the park is designed, there really is only one main path to the "back" of the park where The Voyage rages. The main area "up top" is Halloween. Raven is right there at the park entrance, and the entrance for Legend is very close to Raven's entrance.

As for a general strategy, just realize that Holiday World is built on a declination: That is, the further "back" you go into the park, the further down elevation-wise you go. This means that after a long day, the walk uphill back to the front of the park can be a bit of a workout: A regretful fact that almost can't be avoided unless you spend the earliest parts of your visit in the "back". But then, there's only The Voyage back there as far as thrill rides go and maybe the new Mayflower swinging boat ride and of course Gobbler Getaway. What used to be Pilgrim's Plunge is now Giraffica and, if I'm not mistaken, may only be accessible from the Splashin' Safari entrance via a path underneath Voyage's lift. (???)

Just be sure a series of rides on Voyage is not the very last thing you do at the end of the evening. I've had to learn this the hard way. The trail back to the park's entrance can be arduous when your legs feel like soggy noodles after several consecutive rides on Voyage.

Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by MABrider MABrider Profile at 5/6/14 12:54:18 PM
Re HW, the good news for you George is since your last visit Raven has added a second train.
I didn't even have to think about it ("hmmm...when was the second train added?") as I know it had only the one in...2002!

I've never visited HW other than for SRM/Holiwood Nights so I cannot add anything for a "regular" visit. But as to the coasters I would follow the suggested Raven-Legend-Voyage sequence.
Also new to you is the Plymouth Rock Café which for my money and taste buds is a good deal.

Mike B.
Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/7/14 1:02:33 AM
I've been to Holiday World 4 times and Six Flags St. Louis twice. I visited both parks back in 2012 in consecutive days. When we visited SF St. Louis in 2012 we headed straight for American Thunder. It's near the front of the park, and my favorite coaster, by far, at SF St. Louis. We got 5 rides in the morning. It was a walk on. They make you walk around each time. Being that your last visit to SF St. Louis was in 2004, American Thunder will be a new credit for you. That's where I would start. Next we went over to Mr. Freeze, but it was down. We did ride Mr. Freeze later in the day and had a 30 minute wait. We then rode Pandemonium. It's low capacity and the other new credit for me. We only waited about 10 minutes, but it had a 20-30 minute wait by the time we got off. Next we rode The Boss. This is another popular attraction at SF St. Louis. We waited about 40 minutes, but elected to ride front seat. The Boss has gotten so rough that I will only ride it in the front. Next we went to Screamin Eagle. This is my 2nd favorite coaster in the park. It was a walk on and we grabbed 3 rides. During my first visit in 2001, it was a walk on also. Then we made our way to the front of the park. Mine Train, Ninja, and Batman were all walk ons, by mid afternoon. We did ride Excalibur, before we left, which is a terrific flat ride. We visited the park on Sunday during the summer. We did ride American Thunder right before we left again. It was a walk on, even later in the day.

As far as Holiday World, in 2012 we started at The Raven, then Legend, then Voyage. Being that your last visit was in 2002, The Voyage will be a new credit, so that's where I would start. After the rope drop, 90% of the crowd will go to the Raven or Legend. If you start at The Voyage, you may be able to get a few rides before the crowd get down there. You can work your way back up to the front of the park, getting rides on The Raven and Legend later in the day. One thing I noticed about Holiday World is it will seem very crowded right at opening. It takes a little time for the crowd to spread out. Later in the day The Raven and Legend should be 15 minute or less wait. We did ride some flats, buy nothing really stands out as a must ride. All in all during our last visit to Holiday World, which was on a Saturday during the summer, we rode The Voyage 6 times, Raven 3, and Legend twice. I hope this helps. Have a great time and a safe trip.

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Re: Any advice for HW or SFStL by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 5/10/14 9:33:33 PM
I'll try to get a full TR in later (we'll see how time works out). We were there for about half the day, pulling out around three as weather started to roll in. Watching radar I doubt we would have gotten any more riding in anyways- looks like they got hammered off and on the rest of the day.

Got in one ride on Raven, 2 on Legend, 2 on Voyage, and a number of the flat rides as well. Not bad for what turned out to be a busy time with a music festival going on (middle schoolers in large numbers everywhere) and a 40 minute weather stoppage as we waited for our second ride on Voyage.

Raven was a bit rough and slow. It was only the first or second train of the day, but it was a far cry from what I remember a few years ago. It wasn't bad, but nowhere near as good as it used to be. it was actually a bit rough in spots.

Legend also seemed a bit rough, but still had it's old ferocity, speed, air, and lats. It was just about all I remembered.

Voyage had obviously had a lot of track work done. Got in rides in the front and back car and it's a heck of a ride. I loved it. the other guys enjoyed the back but found the front a bit rough (don't ask me to explain, I can't) Loved the ride- incredible speed, air, and intensity. But as others said in the past it's almost a bit to much. Certainly not a coaster you can marathon. as such it's left me in a bit of a quandry. I would put it up with my memories of Phoenix from 13 years ago, along with Outlaw Run, but don't ask me which I prefer. I honestly am not sure at the moment. But it's great, and not what I would call unridable or painful.

Getting rested and ready for SFStL tomorrow. Should be a fun day.