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4/27/14 at
7:20:48 PM

does anyone know what happened with the banchee on Saturday night april 26, smoke, load boom. had family member hurt from people running to et out of line. there were many people at the clinic with injury's. I understand that kings island want to keep this a secret since it was the second weekened for the 24 million dollar ride, but something went wrong, people were hurt. please advise if anyone knows something about this.

Re: banchee by antikythera antikythera Profile at 4/27/14 8:26:30 PM
Someone in a group on Facebook said that a hydraulic hose blew.

According to that source, it was up and running later on that night, although, I would think if a hose blew, serious or not, you'd keep it down for for the night to see why it blew.

But then again, I'm not an engineer nor mechanic, so what do I know.

Re: banchee by NotSo NotSo Profile at 4/27/14 9:39:17 PM
load boom. louded!