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Kiddie Coasters - Pre-Opening Testing

Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile

4/25/14 at
10:37:10 AM

One of my non-coaster enthusiast friends asked me a question that I could not answer.

Do kiddie coasters, such as Cocoa Cruiser at Hershey Park, go through rigorous testing as the adult-sized coasters do?

Water dummies and the whole nine yards?


Re: Kiddie Coasters - Pre-Opening Testing by alpengeistno3 at 4/25/14 10:05:02 PM
I don't have any 1st hand knowledge (I was still in college and didn't start the season until we got out in May), but my Alpengeist coworkers said they had to run the ride for a certain number of hours in early March before it would be certified by the state. Checking harnesses, spieling, the whole operational shebang. All with no riders.

Now, it is possible that the ride was already certified and that was just their training. If so, I doubt Cocoa Cruiser would require as much training, due to its size. But I do think the state requires any "means of transport" to have a certain number of operational hours, regardless of size.