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Rollercoaster Stall


4/11/14 at
9:54:04 PM

Strange question, but curious. When a coaster train stalls mid ride, how do mechanics and engineers get the cars back to the platform. Without the momentum, how is this possible?

I remember one time being on the Las Vegas strip and Speed the ride was shut down and the trains were empty and sitting on the track. There was a cherry picker sitting nearby.

If anyone remembers this coaster, it was built into the Sahara Hotel. The coaster runs a quick dip and loop and then straight up where it stops and then coasts in reverse through the loop again and back to the platform.

The train was sitting just before the loop which means they would have had to somehow push it through the loop again and back to the platform.

How would they do this?

sahra ride stall

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Re: Rollercoaster Stall by alpengeistno3 at 4/11/14 10:54:24 PM
Depends on the layout after a stall. An out and back woodie can typically be winched to the top of the next hill and still have enough momentum to complete the circuit. That probably would not work with a looping steel or even a twister since there is usually more friction involved in negotiating turns.

I have witnessed 3 mid-course valleys being resolved
1. Loch Ness monster's mid course brake. Normally, a mid course brake does not count as a valley as the train can normally be restarted without any external interference, but the trim brakes on Loch Ness's 2nd drop cause the train to not have enough momentum to completely seat on the block brake platform. The result is the last 2 cars are actually hanging off the back. If not for the brakes, the train could possibly roll back off. I was in the back, maintenance was called and they have a winch built into the brake platform to pull the train fully up into the correct position. They then had to push the train into the mountain (I guess the platform is not steep enough to restart itself, or they were worried about it valleying again on the exit into the 2nd chain lift.) It moved VERY slowly through the mountain structure and I feel like the chain dog just barely caught the lift (I can't remember if the trim brakes before the lift were on or not.) From there, the ride completed the course as normal.

2. Chiller at SFGradv: I was coming to Gradv for my early season trip (I used to go opening day and mid summer when I was regularly getting my SFA Season Pass.) As typical after the lap bar make-over, Chiller had valleyed in the zero G roll. (It was early, so it must have happened during early morning testing. To get the train down, they had attached a wire to the train and used something on the ground (we were at the rope drop, so I could not see what was doing the pulling) to pull the train to the top of the reverse spike. They then cut the cord, Vekoma Boomerang style and allowed the train to valley at the bottom of the roll. I can't remember if it was the Batman or the Robin side (I want to say Robin because I only remember Batman running one year without the OTSR's). From there, they disassembled the wheel assemblies and transported the train back to the station, one car at a time. By the end of the day, the entire train was back inside.

3. Nitro- ahhh, my infamous opening day trip to Gradv in 2009. It was cold. Winds were very high. Nitro was test running. Most people were running to El Toro and KK (neither was open at the time due to the high winds and El Toro's difficultly waking up on a cold morning), so I made my usual plan to go against the grain and head to Nitro. I was a little late for the rope drop, so I went to the 2nd year Dark Knight while the line would be non-existent after waiting 30 mins for it in its freshmen season and saying, "WTH?!?!" I won't rehash my Dark Knight ordeal, but let me say I got stuck on the final brake run and wasted a good 45 mins with the entire debacle. I went to Nitro thinking the opening rush would be gone and noticed it was eerily quiet. I noticed there was a train in the station, but no other trains in sight. 1 train operation on Nitro?!?! Doesn't sound right. I went around the station to check the brake run; no train there. Went back further to check the lift and block brake, no train there. No train in the maintenance barn, either. At this point, I was right in front of the flash pass attendant. She says "are you trying to see where it got stuck?" I said, "yeah." So she points out towards the woods somewhere that made me think "huh?!?!" She says, "it went up into the [hammerhead] turn and the wind blew it back down." I was shocked and asked, "was anyone on it?" She said, "no, it was the final test run. They never opened." I don't remember if I asked if it would open, but I checked back periodically throughout the day. By the end of the day, they had retrieved the lead car on a pick-up truck. I assume they had to do the same as Chiller; disassemble all the wheel assemblies and haul it back to the maintenance shed.

Flight of Fear could be considered a 4th stall since I had a mislaunch. I felt the LIMS cut out early and the train losing speed immediately after launch. I was thinking "Rollback, baby!!" :) Unfortunately, the safety brakes kicked in right before the cobra roll and we came to a screeching halt at the end of the platform. No rollback :( They had maintenance come in and release the brakes, then them and a team of cast members and suits all pushed the train back to the station so we could all get out there.