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CI Cyclone & Conneaut Blue Streak


4/5/14 at
10:45:52 AM

I'm considering making Coney Island one of the stops on my coaster trip in August. Could anyone tell me how smooth or rough the Cyclone is? I rode the Georgia Cyclone a few years ago, and it was too rough for me to enjoy.

It sounds like this summer may be our last chance to ride the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak. I'd be interested in knowing what your opinion of it is. In light of the problems the park has had, is it safe to ride it?


Re: CI Cyclone & Conneaut Blue Streak by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/6/14 12:55:20 AM
I haven't ridden Conneaut's Blue Streak, but I rode Cyclone (pre-retracking) back in 2008 somewhere in the middle and had a good ride on it. Many say that the back seats are the most rough part of the train.
Re: CI Cyclone & Conneaut Blue Streak by Jersey_Joe Jersey_Joe Profile at 4/11/14 9:41:58 PM
My experience in the backseat of the CI Cyclone was not positive. Let's just say that a man should wear protection! I walked off the ride with a voice about 3 octaves higher. LOL

That was several years ago. I'm hearing it is quite a bit smoother now. Will have to take a ride up there and find out for myself.

The Conneaut Blue Streak is a great old coaster. I really enjoyed my rides on it.


Jersey Joe

Re: CI Cyclone & Conneaut Blue Streak by drachen drachen Profile at 4/12/14 10:56:25 AM
Like Jersey Joe mentioned, I was also almost neutered by CI Cyclone back in 2011. I've never had my butt kicked on a roller coaster like that.

From what I've heard, Cyclone is not the same ride anymore. GCI has been doing repair work since the 2011 off season. It's been smoothed out considerably. I should be getting to it some time this summer.

Conneaut Blue Streak should be considered a MUST this season as the future is very murky right now. Not only is it perfectly safe, it's very well-maintained. It even got new track work done this off season.

On top of that - it's a great ride!

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