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Mt Olympus's Opa to be Removed

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

4/2/14 at
10:03:29 PM

Following the accident when a man (Tony Theisen) fell from Mt Olympus's indoor spinning wild mouse Opa, the park decided to completely remove the coaster. They did a safety test after the accident with sandbags simulating Tony's weight, and the lapbars popped open. Last check is that Theisen is in an induced coma.

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Re: Mt Olympus's Opa to be Removed by ray_p ray_p Profile at 4/4/14 3:35:53 PM
According to Wade Shows website, the traveling company has purchased Opa. The ride will be racked and given a new lighting package.

That didn't take long!

Wade Shows website

Re: Mt Olympus's Opa to be Removed by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/6/14 12:46:08 AM
^^^Quick indeed. I got my ride (luckily safely) on Opa back in 2012. The only way I'll ride again, if maybe I'm secured with ratchet straps.