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WDW Coasters for a guy that's had back surgery?

smholter smholter Profile

3/10/14 at
11:38:16 PM

I've been off the forum for 2-3 years. I had lower back surgery in late 2012 but finally got medical clearance 3 months ago.

My home parks are CP and Waldameer. I'm willing to try smooth steel coasters like MF, Raptor, probably even Maverick again but am going to swear off woodies and older, rough steel coasters like Magnum (very sad).

So, we're headed to WDW, not a coaster mecca, but doing it for our 6 y/o and our 16 y/o whose band will be marching in the parade. Figuring a day at MK and a day at AK.

We're thinking of doing Big Thunder Mountain. Not sure our 6 y/o or I could handle Exhibition Everest. And, since it's old, I assume Space Mountain is going to be too rough and bumpy on my back. Fair assumptions? Anything else that I should definitely avoid? Any you'd rate as fairly safe.

Re: WDW Coasters for a guy that's had back surgery? by RobLec RobLec Profile at 3/10/14 11:52:06 PM
BTMR was our younger son's very first coaster. He was only four and doesn't remember it though. We were just at WDW in December but did not ride BTMR, but as I recall it does have some lateral forces. If it were my back, I wouldn't do it. Same for EE at AK. You're probably right that space mtn would also be out, primarily because of the toboggan like seating, but I think RNRC is quite smooth, as long as loops are okay for you.

Have fun. I hope everything works out okay for you.

Re: WDW Coasters for a guy that's had back surgery? by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 3/11/14 7:55:34 AM
Big Thunder definitely has some bumps, jostles, and changes in directions. I don't know of to many coasters that don't in some form or the other.

I'm not a doctor, and don't know the conditions of your back. But if you're swearing off some coasters because of roughness, I would think long and hard before riding ANY coaster because of the risks from the g-forces, bumps, vibrations, sudden stops, etc. You could be looking at a lot of risk on any coaster for not a lot of return.