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25th Annual IX Indoor Amusement Park opens March 21

ray_p ray_p Profile

2/27/14 at
12:42:43 PM

It’s getting to be that time of year again here in the Cleveland area as the 25th Annual IX Indoor Amusement Park will be setting up shop at the International Exposition Center near the CLE Airport beginning March 21st and running through April 20th.

Based on the event’s website, it appears that the Amusements of America Crazy Mouse coaster will not be part of the show this year. The Reverchon Log Flume is however returning again this year after coming back to the ride line up in 2013. Bates and North American Midways are again providing the midway. According to the ride list, the ARM Frenzy will be making its IXIAP debut (it looks like a cheap version of the Screamin’ Swing minus the air power), an ARM 1001 Nachts Flying Carpet will be in attendance, and a Tivoli Remix is also listed. Other than that, it’s the same mix of rides from year’s past (Chance Zipper, ARM Quasar, Wisdom Starship 2000, Hrubetz Tip Top, Round Up and Hurricane, and of course, the permanent Chance Gondola Wheel).

Tickets are $21.99 this year at the box office and $18.99 in advance (available at Cleveland-area Marc’s stores). Parking is $8. Admission includes most rides and entertainment with the exception of Funhouses, Pony Rides, Bungee Trampoline and the “3-D Mystery Manor” haunted maze for families.

Look for my annual video in late March… ;)

Re: 25th Annual IX Indoor Amusement Park opens March 21 by Coaster316 at 2/27/14 4:58:38 PM
Boy, I missing going there. Sure had some good times there.

Too bad it doesn't look like it would fit in my schedule or budget this year. :(