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Six Flags Great Adventure Parking Pass "Deal"!!

mugen828 mugen828 Profile

2/17/14 at
4:13:15 PM

So, the time is coming up! I know a lot of you probably renewed a while back, or maybe you decided you aren't, but I just stumbled upon some information today.

Six Flags Great Adventure - Season Pass info can be found here:

But what I wanted to point out, is that when you buy 4 or more Gold passes ($105 originally) you get the passes for $85, it includes: Hurricane Harbor, SFGAdv, ALL other SF park admission, and FREE parking at ALL Six Flags, AND it's listed on each pass!!!!

I love love love that addition. Me and my friends use to have to play hot potatoe with one pass. Say if I wanted to do a solo visit but my one friend had the pass with "parking" printed on it, I'd need to get it from him somehow. I bet they went through hell at the parking gates last year with that idea. Especially when it's not you on the pass. I had one parking guy give me a really hard time last year.

With that said, me and my friends will be doing the 4 pass pack as usual. Now I have the freedom to go to other Six Flags and save a few bucks.

Also, out of curiousity, I stumbled upon this "deal" at Six Flags Magic Mountains site first, as I am planning a possible trip there this spring. So I bet it's like this at all parks. Also found it interesting that the price for SFMM's two park combo was $25 steeper.

Anyways, have fun this year and get that free parking!!! Last year it was $23 if I'm not mistaken. NOOOO THANKS!

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- mugen828
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Re: Six Flags Great Adventure Parking Pass "Deal"!! by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 2/18/14 1:16:46 PM
Same deal I, Jen, and a coupla other folks got in September, except the price was $20 less.


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