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TR: Fun Spot America & Boardwalk Amusements 2/15/14

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

2/17/14 at
9:18:08 AM

I decided to take a lil Central Florida trip to check out some of the new coasters, after a 2013 coastering hiatus. First I went to Boardwalk Amusements in Daytona Beach. The weather was about 60ish, a lil breezy, and I arrived at 11:03 AM. The coaster there is Sand Blaster which is a Pinfari Zyklon; This coaster came for Delaware's defunct Blue Diamond Park as 'Blue Diamond Streak'. I paid for three rides for $15.00 (2 rides in the back train, and 1 ride in the front).

Sand Blaster: This coaster is very smooth for it's age. It has a nice first drop (esp for a 50 footer), and the second is pretty good to. It has some good helices. It's packed with airtime in the back seat, and the front seat is noticeably milder with no air. Sand Blaster is a deceivingly fun coaster. It's my favorite Pinfari/E&F Miler-style so far.

Good chessesteak at Joyland Amusements (arcade and restaurant) which adjoins Boardwalk Amusements. I made a last minute decision to go to Orlando's Fun Spot America and check out the two new coasters Freedom Flyer and White Lightning. I arrived at Fun Spot America at 1:21 PM, and admission for one (unlimited arm band)costed $42.55. The weather was sunny.

Freedom Flyer: A Vekoma Hang N Bang Jr that's actually an enjoyable coaster. I rode twice, one in front, one in back. It's a little bigger than the normal SFC's and it feels a little more intense. It has a good intense helix finale It's very smooth(so far :). I like the way it's laid out over the park's paths. At first, I questioned the decision to bring this in, but I have to reassess, and say it's actually a really nice fit.

White Lightning: A nice GCI woodie. I rode twice in the back. The first drop is nice; You can see Universal's attractions across I-4 from the lift hill (Doctor Doom's Fearfall, Hulk, and Hollywood: RRR). That double up, and double down is ingenious and surprising. It's extremely smooth. It didn't have a ton of air (most was on twisted first drop) but still a very good coaster nevertheless (esp for it's 70ftish height) No lateral-G's to speak of, as it's very heavily banked.

I also rode the Commander go-carts track (pretty good torque on the go-carts, unlike Mt Olympus's go-carts, and I weigh more now than then). I didn't ride any of the other two adult tracks. I rode a couple of flats too, Enterprise which has some good positive-G's, and Rip Curl a Music Express. Thanks for reading the TR.

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