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New theme Park In Jaipur India


2/7/14 at
3:56:48 AM

I am fond of Theme Parks as I visited many in India, but eagerly waiting for the snowworldjaipur as night life here is one of the different that offers peace and calm.
Second thing that I like this Theme Park because Rajasthan is very hot and in summer such park offer the winter cold. It is amazing to join the fun with family.

Re: New theme Park In Jaipur India by Mikey_Mad Mikey_Mad Profile at 2/12/14 10:52:31 PM
I have been to a kind of themed resort in Jaipur called Chokhi Dhani. The only ride is your feet if you chose to dance (and you will be encouraged to do that), and a feast style eating venue where they try to feed you to death. One is also encouraged to wear traditional Indian dress to Chokhi Dhani.
I imagine a theme park would be fun for the locals but to go to Jaipur and then to get side- tracked into a theme park would almost as bad as seeking out a McDonalds. I mean the ride I would be after would be to ride the elephants up to the castle. But, if you have time to kill why not get in a rollercoaster too?