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ANGLES of DESCENTrevisited (re: Wildebeast @ PCW)


4/4/00 at
7:55:16 PM

Hey there,

Okay.... I was told that the angle of descent on SOB is 55 degrees. Now.... in terms of wooden rollercoasters, this does not mean much to me.

I need to compare that drop to another wooden rollercoaster.

The best drop I've ever experienced on a wooden rollercoaster is still the first drop on the Wildebeast @ PCW. Its steep. Its banked. And it knocks the wind out of you.

Does anyone know what the angle of descent is on PCW's Wildebeast? I would very much appreciate somebody telling me what it is. If its less than 55 degrees..... then I can safely bet that the first drop of SOB will be a doozy.