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Space at CP

Mantis Greg

4/4/00 at
7:15:02 PM

For you people that think cp is outta room!! 1. cp can land fill to make land 2. cp can extend perimeter road out farther making more space 3. cp has room if they take out camper village 4.cp owns the lake front and can build on it ,reliable source told me. up front, behind and to the right of Dt

CP The Place To Be In 2000 and to Riddler Man Cp is better then your home park and its not corny

No landfill by Riverview Mike at 4/5/00 12:54:42 PM

While I agree that CP has lots of options on expansion, landfill is probably not one of them. Landfill is an environmental issue and would have to be approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers. I would be very surprised to see any landfill at CP>