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Hallow Scream KD 10/25/2013 thoughts

PkD4Life PkD4Life Profile

10/28/13 at
12:36:07 PM

The wife and I made our final trip to Kings Dominion Friday night to enjoy Halloween Haunt and get in a few rides. The park was open from 7 till midnight and it was a very brisk evening with temps at 12 being right about 35 degrees or so. Crowds seemed light but did grow as the night went along. I wont bore you with every little detail of the evening but just give our thoughts on the mazes and the rides. Since we did want to get rides in we did purchase the Fright Lane pass which I believe to be a really good deal. All of the haunts were included minus Blue Ridge Bloodbath. Last year we were not too thrilled with the Haunt. They all seemed to just be lacking something so we were hoping this would be a better year.

I will give you the haunts we did in order and a general rating then get to the rides.

We arrived just before 7 and got in to see the opening of the haunt. Pretty cool to see the monsters come out then be unleashed into the park. We headed straight back through the all new Planet Snoopy to hit the Doll Factory.

DOLL FACTORY: No wait so we did not use our Fight Lane pass as that time. Our first trip through was not very good. I think it was the group we were sent through with. Very slow…very talkative. Our hope was the haunt crew wasn’t really ready yet and we would come back later. Thank God we decided too. Later in the evening we did return and it was like night and day. The scares were all over and it made for a great time. ***

Outbreak: The Evolution: This year they switched the beginning and ending of the haunt. This is one that we could do without to be honest. It is in a major need of a revamp. Little to no scare and seemed very dated. *

Medieval Macabre: Way better then last year. The group we were with wasn’t the best in the world and we ended up catching the group in front of us that had two girls that wouldn’t move. They just stopped and would scream anytime anyone came near them. Our group went around them and it ended up being fun. **

Slaughterhouse: My wife really loved this haunt. Had some really good scares at almost every corner and the guys working this night were really good. Again was better then last years. ***

Club Blood: We had a fun time with this haunt but again caught up with the group in front of us. Starting to show its age a little but that just might be my opinion. About this time of the evening the lines were getting pretty long and I was very happy we had our passes…lol ***

Zombie High: One of the new haunts for this year taking the place of Toxic Plague from years past and this is a major improvement. From the time you walk through the high school façade and into the building you are really feeling this haunt. It is a huge step in the right direction and we loved every second of the haunt. I was taken back by one of the opening scenes in the science room but I wont spoil it for anyone. ****

Blue Ridge Bloodbath: The only haunt that wasn’t included on the fast lane pass. The line was about a 30 min wait which wasn’t bad as we have seen it get very long in the past. Nothing really great about it as I think its another haunt that is in need of a revamp. Old time cars through the woods with very few places for the actors to hide. **

Miners Revenge: This is the other new haunt for this year. If this is the direction that KD is going with there haunts then they are doing it right. It started last year with No Vacancy and it is continuing this year with Zombie High. This one was both of our favorites. The beginning was a little slow but very creepy with people whispering where you couldn’t see them. Once you enter the mine it was very dark with people all over the place. Great! *****

No Vacancy: Last year this was the cream of the crop. This year it was still very well done however again we caught up with a slow group of people who were just disrespectful to everyone and everything. Felt more like a continued flow of people then groups. ***

Cornstalkers: They have changed the look of this maze and it looks great. We had a really good time until we found a couple that was lost in the maze. They sorta ruined ir for us as well as the group we were with. High school kids talking about there man hood and trying to be funny. **

The scare zones were anything but scary. Didn’t really see too many people walking around. So I guess if there was a complaint about the night that was it. As far as rides, we were able to ride everything that was open. 3 great night rides on Grizzly, 2 really good rides on Volcano, and 3 VERY cold rides on Intimidator. We closed the night with 2 rides on 305, one in the front and one in the back. Nothing like going 90 MPH when its only 34 degrees out…lol

Over all better then last year with the new haunts really stepping up and being great.


Re: Hallow Scream KD 10/25/2013 thoughts by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 10/28/13 4:43:35 PM
PkD4Life said:

We closed the night with 2 rides on 305, one in the front and one in the back. Nothing like going 90 MPH when its only 34 degrees out…lol


Agreed! Even better if it's raining and sleeting, right, Paul?

Thanks for the report, Lee. I've only been to KD's haunt once, about 7 years ago. It was wall-to-wall people, and I was concentrating on rides, but I only got on a few.


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