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ACE Spring Conference/Kings Island from New England

houstondavid houstondavid Profile

10/18/13 at
12:49:50 PM

Sorry, long subject line.

I am watching the building of Banshee at Kings Island and also note that the ACE Spring Conference is heading there this spring (May 16-18). Which has got me wondering...

Anyone from the New England area (or east coast, I guess) considering a pilgrimage to Mason, OH? I've never been to an ACE conference, so I know nothing of the logistics once you get there. Such as transportation between sites (it isn't exactly a short drive from Bowling Green to Mason)? Coming from the east coast, would you fly? Or would you drive (I can think of some other parks between here and there - Hersheypark is about half-way :->)?

For now, just dreaming. But sometimes dreams come true...


Re: ACE Spring Conference/Kings Island from New England by RobLec RobLec Profile at 10/18/13 2:05:27 PM
The Cincinnati airport is actually in northern Kentucky and is 20-25 miles from Kings Island via the interstate. There are a number of motels nearby to Kings Island, and if the park is open, most have shuttle service. Many visitors choose instead to book cheaper rooms in Cincinnati's northern suburbs and drive the 10-15 minutes to the park.

Beech Bend KY and Holiday World Indiana are both within a 2-3 hour drive from the Cincinnati airport. If visiting either of those you can also fly in and out of Louisville, or if you are only interested in KI you can fly in and out of Columbus, both of which which have a greater selection of discount airlines.