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Flying Turns First Day Open To Public!!

chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile

10/6/13 at
10:27:01 AM

I was fortunate enough to attend PPP for the first time yesterday. What a fun day! I recommend that any coaster enthusiast who has not been to this event, to get there one of these years. From the craft fair to the souvenir swap meet, it was all fun and interesting to check everything out. I could have spent lots of money if I had lots to The lines for the rides are not bad either despite what some people seem to think. Besides Flying Turns, the longest I waited was like 10 minutes for Phoenix. Speaking of Phoenix, it was running so great that I was fearing my life with that insane airtime!!! Every time I don't ride it for awhile I question why I have it so high on my wood coaster list, but once I ride it again, it is easily justified being in my top 5 every year!

So off to the main topic at hand. I ended up waiting like an hour for Flying Turns on a very humid day!! It was down for like 20 minutes due to some maintenance check that they said they do periodicaly. This was a bit The ride itself was a really fun ride and the banking was really extreme but at the same time very smooth. Very enjoyable and fun ride!! The first quarter of the ride was lackluster, which others have said also. After the second lift hill the fun begins!! With that being said, it is one of those rides that I would not wait more than a half hour for. It is kind of short and it is nothing epic like a giga or hyper coaster. Just a fun ride:)

P.S. The new drop ride they have in the park now is amazing!! Probably the best I have ever been on!! It goes so fast and it does not feel like it is going to stop!! Has my stomach coming out my mouth!! Quite a thrill!!